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Mental Health in Islam and How to Maintain It

Mental Health in Islam 

Mental health isn't something you can just ignore. Mental health is an important thing that needs to be maintained. Not only applies to adults, children, teenagers, even the elderly must be sensitive and aware of mental health.

The importance of maintaining mental health is impactful in many ways. People who have a healthy mentality, are able to think positively which can lead them to be better at dealing with problems.

In living daily life, it feels like a face if people have problems and often become a burden on the mind. This unresolved burden will eventually accumulate and become a problem for the soul and mentality.

In Islam, maintaining mental health is important for Muslims. In fact, Islam has taught about mental health in its teachings.

Al-Quran and hadith are the main sources of Islamic teachings and also as real guidance. Both provide a way for humans to achieve true happiness.

A Muslim must understand how to reach a calm soul. Well, it is in the Qur'an and hadith that mankind can get instructions on how to maintain and maintain mental health for the better.

Reporting from various sources, there are several things you can do to maintain better mental health.

1. Whatever happens, remember Allah SWT

Every human being will face problems. This is where we must be able to deal with problems properly and wisely. No matter how heavy the problem, under any circumstances, don't forget to always involve Allah SWT in every journey.

Don't just come to Allah SWT when you are sad, but when you feel happy you must also involve the creator.

2. Istiqomah

One of the things that can be done to maintain and maintain mental health is istiqomah.

Istiqomah in question can be done through continuous worship. Whether you're happy or sad.

3. Can beat lust

We as humans should be able to fight or defeat the lust of the world. Although there are many temptations and it is difficult to avoid, but if the intention is for Allah SWT, of course everything will be made easy.

"Every deed must have a period of enthusiasm. And every time of enthusiasm there must be a future period. Whoever in his laziness is still in the sunnah of the Prophet then he is under guidance." (HR Thabrani)

4. Increase good deeds

Increasing good deeds can also have a good impact on mental health. So, start doing good with the closest people and other people, yes.

"Do what is right and right for you and the most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are continuous, even if they are small." (HR Bukhari)

5. Remembering the afterlife

We are reminded again and again that life in this world is only temporary. Therefore, while still being breathed by the Creator, never forget to always do good deeds and also worship as provisions in the hereafter.

Friends, solving mental health problems can be done in two ways, meeting mental health practitioners, or through a religious approach. Well, in terms of religion, the Koran can function as oats to cure physical and spiritual ailments.

Peace of mind can also be achieved by dhikr to Allah SWT. Come on, let's maintain and maintain mental health together from now on.

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