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Recommendations for Islamic Children's Stories to Be Good Examples


Recommendations for Islamic Children's Stories to Be Good Examples

The story of Islamic Muslim children is among the stories that moms and dads often choose when going to bed for their babies. Islamic stories are used as a way to present Islamic worth to children as very early as feasible.

Not simply a lullaby, reading Islamic Muslim children's stories transforms bent on have a myriad of benefits, you know. Before discussing the benefits further, first know the following Islamic children's stories, let's go!

Understanding Islamic Muslim Children's Stories

As the name suggests, Islamic children's stories put ahead spiritual worths in them. Various from a fairytale, fables, and misconceptions, Islamic children's stories have the tendency to include reality and facts. There are so many children's stories with a touch of Islam and filled with ethical messages, one of which is the story of the Prophets.

Through Islamic children's stories, your little one can mimic commendable high top qualities as regulated by Allah. This Islamic story is also considered more effective to instruct Islamic worth to children. Therefore, children's stories are an important arrangement for children in handling various life problems.

Benefits of Reading Islamic Children's Stories

Reading storybooks with children is an enjoyable task and increases the bonding between moms and dads and children. This task can increase children's vocabulary to be wider and make them think artistically.

Moreover, Islamic children's stories include the reality of previous occasions. Through real occasions included in the story, moms and dads and children can determine facts. Additionally, there are still many benefits of reading Islamic children's stories.

1. Discussing facts in the previous

Among the important benefits of reading Islamic stories, such as those of the Prophets, is that they discuss the facts of the previous.

Children will reach know the story of the life of the Prophets, wonders, individuals that opposed the teachings of the Prophets, to the struggle of the Prophets in supporting Islam.

2. Welcome children to think proactively

Reading real stories included in the Koran will provide opportunities for your little one to think. His ability to acknowledge what is right and what is incorrect will increase.

This has a considerable effect on the little one. Because moms and dads can impart in children to earn the right choices in life.

Reading Islamic children's stories is also beneficial for the child's cognitive capcapacities. Children can think seriously, develop their imagination, and learn how to refix problems.

3. Be a cautioning

Islamic Muslim children's stories, such as the stories of the Prophets, can function as a cautioning to their children that there's clear proof that God sent out prophets to welcome individuals to worship Him.

Additionally, Islamic children's stories function as cautions for moms and dads as well as children regarding orders, restrictions, and benefits for those that disobey.

4. Understanding Islamic teachings

Immediately children will learn how to understand spiritual teachings through Islamic stories. They are better able to differentiate what activities are prohibited and regulated by Allah. Additionally, Islamic Muslim children's stories can increase their little one's obedience to Allah.

5. As an instance

The stories included in the Qur'an should be used as instances so that their bad deeds don't duplicate themselves in the present. One of the most effective ways to earn children to mimic him is with Islamic children's stories.

Through the stories of the Prophets and their fans, the little one can improve his everyday activities and habits. This can have a favorable effect on children. To mimic the great points in Islamic children's stories, of course, your little one needs assistance from moms and dads too.

6. Including knowledge and knowledge

The stories provided in Islamic children's stories have the tendency to be the reality. This will increase your child's knowledge and knowledge, as well as eliminate questions about occasions that have occurred in old times.

7. Understanding the reality

Children will learn how to understand the reality through Islamic stories. The stories of the Prophets will help them to translate the understand them and facts. Not just that, with Islamic children's stories read by moms and dads, your little one can obtain convenience and tranquility.

8. Giving life lessons

The stories of the Prophets are the best life lessons for children. The challenges that the Prophets needed to face in spreading out God's teachings taught children that life isn't constantly easy.

Those individuals do not constantly support great deeds. And the importance of belief in oneself to avoid the penalty that Allah has guaranteed for those that don't think.

9. Messages to keep in mind as grownups

Islamic children's stories read from a very early age will stick to them until they mature. This works learning how to impart greatworthworths in your little one. By teaching spiritual worth from a very early age, your little one can mature by Islamic teachings.

Examples of Islamic Children's Stories and Morals That Can Be Learned

Here are 5 instances of Islamic Muslim children's stories together with the worth that can be learned and taught to their children.

1. The Story of Prophet Musa AS

The story of Moses, that was birthed in Egypt throughout the regime of Pharaoh, a king that was well-known for being terrible and terrible, can be used as a going to bed story for the little one.

It's said that Prophet Musa had an objective to teach King Pharaoh. However, his initiatives made him slandered as a sorcerer, so Pharaoh ordered him to combat the royal residence sorcerer.

Prophet Musa that revealed his wonder in the suit succeeded in producing some of the individuals of Pharaoh and the royal residence sorcerers to state their belief in Allah SWT. This event finally made Pharaoh upset and felt betrayed by his individuals.

Pharaoh's cruelty is becoming worse. He ordered his guards to eliminate Moses and his fans and torture the Israelites.

As Allah regulated, Prophet Musa brought his fans to Kanji. This plan was listened to by Pharaoh that ordered his military to catch the Israelites and Moses.

Showing up at the Red Sea, Prophet Moses prayed to God to be conserved. He was ordered by Allah to strike his stick right into the sea.

Many thanks to Allah's wonder, the Red Sea was parted in 2, so that Prophet Musa and his fans could go across it. Besides the fans of the Prophet Moses crossing the Red Sea, by Allah's consent, the Red Sea was shut again and ruined by his soldiers and Pharaoh.

Through the story of Prophet Musa AS, your little one can learn how to take take take and defend reality. Such as the Prophet Moses that faced his military and Pharaoh.

Additionally, your little one can learn that Allah is the just one that can provide

2. The story of the Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad SAW was birthed to the pair Aminah and Abdullah. His dad, Abdullah, had passed away since the Prophet Muhammad remained in the womb.

On 12 Rabiul Awal the Year of the Elephant, Prophet Muhammad SAW was birthed and delegated to Halimatussa'diah to be breastfed, inning accordance with local customized. At the age of 6, Prophet Muhammad SAW became an orphan after his mom passed away en route after visiting her husband's grave.

The Prophet Muhammad dealt with his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, for 2 years. At the age of 8 years, the Prophet Muhawent went along with his uncle, Abu Talib, after his grandfather passed away.

Since their youth, the Prophet Muhammad had assisted his uncle herd livestock. When he was an adult, the Prophet Muhammad signed up with his uncle's profession.

The product was obtained from an abundant widow, Siti Khadijah. Because of her affection for the sincerity of the Prophet Muhammad, Siti Khadijah finally suggested to him as a hubby. Prophet Muhammad married at the age of 25 years, while Khadijah was 40 years of age.

After receiving the discovery, the Prophet Muhammad started preaching to spread out the religious beliefs of Islam. It was currently that the Prophet Muhammad was confronted with tests that came one after another.

Through the story of the Prophet Muhammad, your little one can find out about the persistence and difficulties of life that the Prophet Muhammad lived in their youth. Despite experiencing serious tests, the Prophet Muhammad stayed solid until he was appointed as a Prophet and Apostle to require the religious beliefs of Islam.

3. The story of Prophet Ibrahim

The story of Prophet Ibrahim is one of the most appropriate instances for children to know the worth of aqidah. In the structure of Islam, aqidah worths also play an important role in informing children.

To support monotheism which is the idea of the Islamic creed, Prophet Ibrahim dared to oppose King Namrud's purchase to worship idols. Although he needed to be tossed right into the coals of termination, Prophet Ibrahim stayed firm in his position to worship Allah SWT.

His steadfastness in holding monotheism was awarded by Allah's help by conserving him from the fires.

Since their youth, Prophet Ibrahim is questioning the habits of worshiping idols. Maturing, Prophet Ibrahim intended to look for the real God until he thought that Allah was the developer of deep space.

When Prophet Ibrahim was evaluated for his belief through God's regulation to slaughter his child, Prophet Ismail, he stayed surrendered until God changed Prophet Ismail with a goat.

Currently, through the story of Prophet Ibrahim, moms and dads can impart the worth of aqidah to their children. Also in QS An Nahl: 120, Prophet Ibrahim is called a clergyman that deserves to be imitated.

4. The story of the Prophet Yusuf

Prophet Yusuf is the child of Prophet Yaqub. He is the 11th child of 12 brothers or sisters. Compared with various other siblings, Prophet Yusuf has a good-looking face and etiquette, as well as his sibling Benjamin.

Because they felt that Prophet Ya'qub loved Prophet Yusuf more, Prophet Yusuf's siblings were so envious. In completion, they attempted to obtain eliminate Prophet Yusuf by tossing him right into a well.

After tossing Prophet Yusuf right into the well, his siblings confessed to his dad that the Prophet Yusuf was consumed by wolves. They also revealed Prophet Yusuf's clothes which were protected in blood.

Prophet Yusuf was finally conserved by a camper that we're most likely from Egypt. After being rescued, Prophet Yusuf was brought to Egypt to be sold as a slave.

Lengthy story brief, Prophet Yusuf was bought by Al'Aziz and increased to their adult years. After facing various kinds of problems throughout his life, Prophet Yusuf managed to become among the important numbers after effectively interpreting the king's dream, until finally, Allah appointed him as a prophet. the 

When Prophet Yusuf returned to satisfy his siblings that tossed him right into the well, Prophet Yusuf still had no intention of repaying him.

From the story of Prophet Yusuf over, many messages can be imitated by children. Among them is to avoid envy and envy.

Moms and dads can instruct their children to love each various other, not hold animosities, and forgive each various other like brothers or sisters. By doing this, unified life can be accomplished.

5. The story of Prophet Solomon

Prophet Sulaiman was a prophet with all the benefits that God gave. Beginning with riches with a huge kingdom, the ability to communicate with the birds, the jinn, and the wind.

Obtaining so many favors doesn't always make Prophet Sulaiman overlook Allah. He also made a declaration of his belief after obtaining the imperial throne.

Prophet Sulaiman recognized that the throne he obtained was a present from God as well as an examination for him.

From the stories of Islamic Muslim children, moms and dads can instruct many valuable points children. Among them is that the true blessings in life are presented from Allah SWT.

Moms and dads can impart learning to children that the true blessings received are also an examination for people. Will you be thankful and have more belief in Allah or will you be kufr to Him?

The Best Time to Read Islamic Stories to Children

There are many benefits of reading stories to children. So, when is the best time? Reporting from Kumparan, storytelling, or reading stories to children can be done anytime. Including Islamic Muslim children's stories.

Parents can read stories in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at night before going to bed. Even so, the most common time used for storytelling is before bed.

The time before bed is chosen so that the little one is more relaxed. When your child is relaxed, it will be easier for him to fall asleep.

How to Read Stories to Children to Make It More Fun

Islamic Muslim children's stories do have benefits for children's growth and development. But it turns out that there is a technique for telling stories for children to make it more fun and interesting.

1. Choose the story well

Choosing Islamic children's stories as bedtime stories must be considered carefully. To make it more interesting for your little one, you should choose children's storybooks with colorful pictures that have a moral message.

Children's stories with Islamic values ​​will also have a positive effect on the little one. So the example is the values ​​of goodness.

2. Eye contact and physical

Eye contact and physical are very necessary for telling children's stories. This can make the child concentrate on the message conveyed.

With the eye, contact children will more easily understand the story. Meanwhile, physical contact between parents and children during storytelling can increase the closeness between the two.

3. Understand the character through voice and expression

Parents need to understand the characters in the story when reading Islamic Muslim children's stories. Expressions and sounds that match the character can cause interest in children.

4. Interactive

An effective way to tell a child's bedtime story is to get them involved. Children will become more active and enter into the story being told.

There is nothing wrong with trying the storytelling method with children when delivering Islamic stories. This can help them hone their creativity.

The most important point in reading Islamic Muslim children's stories is understanding. So as much as possible build an interesting atmosphere so that your little one more easily understands it.

When the moral message in the story can be understood well by the child, it will be easier to apply it in everyday life. Children will also understand better what is good and what is bad.

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