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Recommendations for Safe Exercises to Stay Fit while Fasting

Recommendations for Safe Exercises to Stay Fit

Doing exercise while fasting usually sounds scary and tiring, because when exercising a person will spend a lot of energy and energy. Not infrequently also someone will quickly feel hungry and thirsty after exercising. For this reason, not a few have decided to stop exercising while fasting, especially in the month of Ramadan.

In fact, exercising while fasting is not all scary. Even if done in the right way the benefits are certainly healthy. This can be overcome by choosing the right exercise to do while fasting. In addition, pay attention to the time to carry out the exercise.

Usually outside the fasting month, regular exercise is done in the morning. In contrast to the fasting month, exercise is done in the afternoon. This is to anticipate that you will not hold your thirst for too long, because it is close to breaking the fast.

There are at least 6 recommendations for light exercise that can be done while fasting. Here Oase.id quotes from several opinions, regarding sports recommendations that can be done while fasting:

This is a Safe Exercise Recommendation to Stay Fit While Fasting

1. Jogging

Jogging is one of the sports that can be done even in the fasting month of Ramadan. Jogging with a light intensity is very good and possible to do. This sport can maintain body fitness while fasting. But still with a light intensity so as not to cause excessive dehydration.

2. Cycling

Cycling during fasting can also maintain body fitness. Cycling for approximately 45 minutes will burn about 300 calories for women, and 350 calories for men.

3. Swimming

Swimming is one type of exercise that can burn calories well. Swimming can be an option as a type of light exercise that can be done while fasting. But keep in mind, swimming too long is also not good for fear of water entering the mouth which might invalidate the fast and risk catching a cold.

4. Fast Walk

Furthermore, brisk walking is an alternative to other light exercises that can be done during fasting. A brisk walk for approximately 30 minutes will help a person to maintain body balance while fasting. Do brisk walking before breaking fast.

5. Yoga

Besides being able to relax the mind, yoga is also a type of light exercise that can help and speed up the detoxification process in the body. The yoga procession focuses on practicing breathing techniques that will help the process of supplying oxygen to the brain. This can help a person to keep thinking clearly, feel calm, also comfortable during fasting.

Yoga can be done at any time during fasting. Choose a quiet location away from the crowds to be able to do maximum yoga.

6. Up and Down the Stairs

This last sport seems trivial, but actually the activity of going up and down stairs has proven to be a type of exercise that is quite good to do while fasting. This exercise is relatively light, but can cause dehydration if we do not do it with a good procedure. Going up and down stairs for about 10 minutes will help reduce calories in the body by 178 calories. So, do this exercise while fasting with a normal intensity and not excessive.

Those are the sports recommendations that we have summarized so that our bodies stay in shape even though we are fasting. But keep in mind that everything is not good if done in excess.

May our fasting worship always be blessed and launched by Allah swt... amen

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