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Safinah, The Helper of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Safinah, The Helper of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Safinah, The Helper of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

In the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, some figures became part of his routine. In a sense, they are in his house, both as family members and assistants. Among the several people who had been the caretaker of the noble house was Safinah.

At first, Safinah was a slave to Umm Salamah, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Then, he was given the status of independence. After becoming an ordinary person, he continued to serve his family. Thus, he continued to work as a servant in the Prophet's residence.

The companion of the Prophet SAW was born in Arabia. However, the lineage comes from Persia. In history, he once told a story. His real name is Qoys. Since becoming a servant of the Prophet SAW, she got a new name, namely Safinah.

In Arabic, Safina means to ship. So why is the name like that? In the book Mustadrak, the following story is told.

One day, Rasulullah SAW was traveling with some friends. They were tired of carrying several things. The backs and shoulders of the men could no longer bear the burden.

Then, the Prophet SAW said to Qoys who participated in this trip.

"Spread out your cloth," he said.

So the maid immediately did as her master ordered. The cloth that he had been holding in his hand was then spread out. Then, he put the things of the friends on the cloth and tied them into a bundle.

“Bring it! Verily you are (like) a ship, "said the Prophet SAW.

Obediently, Qoys carried out the instructions. Wonderful! They didn't feel heavy on his shoulders. The exhausted companions were shocked at this sight.

The miracle was solely thanks to the miracle of the Prophet Muhammad. That's how he helps his people. "So from then on, if I carry (the weight of) a camel, two camels, or even five camels, I don't feel it as a heavy burden!" he said.

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So from that moment on, she was often called Safinah.

Another interesting story is related to this simple figure. And, still related to the means of transportation on the water. The following is his narrative as quoted from Al-Isti'ab.

"Once," said Safinah, "I got on a boat. Unexpectedly, the boat suddenly broke."

In such a condition, Safinah tried to save herself. With great difficulty, he floated above the ocean by relying on a piece of plank, the fragment of the former boat. For some time, he was tossed about by the waves. Then, the strong wind blew him away.

“Finally, I was dragged to an island. With the remaining strength in me, I walked along the island, until I arrived at the wilderness area," he said.

Unknowingly, a lion had been following him. When she turned around, Safinah was beyond surprised. The wild beast roared. Then, the flesh-eating beast approached him.

Safinah tried to stay calm. “The lion kept circling near me. So I said to him, 'O Abu Haris (the lion's name in Arabic), I am the former assistant of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam," he recalled.

"After Safinah said those words, the lion looked more docile. The animal no longer showed its fangs"

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