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16 Ways to Eat Rasulullah According to the Sunnah of the Prophet

Prophet Muhammad SAW is a role model for Muslims and all of his behavior is a way of life for all humans. Not only noble morals and guidance in worship (read how to improve commendable morals), the Apostle also gave an example to his people how to do things properly and correctly as well as when eating.

16 Ways to Eat Rasulullah According to the Sunnah of the Prophet

The following are some suggestions and ways to eat the Messenger of Allah

1. Eat in moderation and not too much

The Prophet always advised his people to eat in moderation and avoid wasteful behavior. Not only that, the Apostle also mentioned that the stomach or stomach is divided into three parts, a third for air, a third for food and a third for drinks.

As for the fact that satiety can harden the hives. burdens the body, reduces intelligence, causes drowsiness and sleeps more and weakens a person to worship

2. Perform ablution before and after eating

Not only before performing the obligatory prayers and sunnah prayers, the Prophet also performed ablution before eating to avoid the devil's disturbance and eliminate poverty or poverty.

3. Eat with your right hand

A Muslim should follow the Sunnah of the Prophet to always eat with the right hand and according to scientists this is beneficial for health, especially to train the sensory nerves in the hands.

4. Reading Basmalah

Starting everything with basmalah is highly recommended for Muslims because by reading basmalah one can avoid the devil's interference that can weaken one's faith and worship. As for if you forget to read Basmalah before eating, then read the sentence "Bismilhi Awwa-lahu wa Akhirahu".

5. Sit down while eating and don't lean back or stand

A Muslim should not eat or drink while standing or leaning back and eat or drink while sitting is preferable and the food he eats should be placed on the ground to maintain humility.

6. Do not criticize food

Like any food that is obtained and obtained if we do not like it, we should not criticize food.

7. It is recommended to eat together

Rasulullah rarely eats alone, he SAW always invites other people to eat with him therefore a Muslim should invite other people to eat for example his family. Good food in Islam is food that many people eat.

8. Be patient to take food when eating together

If eating together with other people or with many people, the Prophet advised to be patient until the parents or leaders took the food first and the person serving the food would eat after everyone else had eaten.

9. Don't blow food

Sometimes we like to blow on food while it is still hot, this should actually be avoided because the Prophet forbade us to blow on food while it is still hot. It has also been proven by today's hopeful health experts that blowing food is not good for health.

10. Eat from the edge of the plate

If you eat food then eat from the side or the edge of the plate to the middle.

11. Chew slowly and reduce bites

The Messenger of Allah always ate food by reducing his bite and chewing it many times. In addition, the Apostle did not feed food before the previous bite had been swallowed.

12. Do not use cutlery made of gold and silver

Eating with gold and silver utensils is the custom of the disbelievers, therefore the Apostle forbade his followers not to use utensils made of these metals.

13. Drink from a glass and don't drink in one gulp

In addition to eating slowly, the Apostle also recommends drinking properly, namely not drinking water in a glass in one gulp and also not drinking it directly from the teapot.

14. Finish the food taken

The Prophet advised us to eat in moderation and always finish the food taken to avoid wasteful and wasteful behavior and to get the blessings of whole food.

15. Read hamdalah after eating

The food we get and eat every day is a gift and sustenance from Allah SWT, therefore after eating the Apostle always gives thanks by reading hamdalah.

16. Don't give food you don't like to other people

The Prophet liked to share food with others but he never gave a food that he did not like.

That is the way of eating the Prophet which should be imitated by Muslims because what is exemplified by the Apostle must have a positive side and great benefits for humans. In addition we should avoid unclean food and drink.

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