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5 reasons Islam forbids usury

Usury must be familiar to us. We often hear this term in our daily life. The meaning of usury itself according to the language is additional. The additions referred to here are additions in accounts payable transactions, where the debtor must pay more than the amount owed that should be paid.

5 reasons Islam forbids usury
5 reasons Islam forbids usury

In this case, it can be seen that usury can harm one of the parties, namely the debtor. This is one of the reasons why Islam forbids usury. Because in Islam helping each other is an obligation, and it is very contrary to usury which aims to benefit from the borrower which will make it difficult for others.

But many do not understand the reason why usury is forbidden in Islam. The prohibition of usury is not without reason, because Allah has said in the Qur'an Surah Ali Imran verse 130.

From the verse above, it can be concluded that Allah strictly forbids anyone to eat usury property, let alone apply it in daily life. In addition, there are many reasons why Islam forbids usury, including:

1. usury can eliminate mutual help

Helping each other is an obligation. However, if in transactions we use usury, which means we seek profit in the distress of others, then it does not reflect a commendable nature, and our good intentions, which initially wanted to help others, turned into commercial transactions (seeking profit).

2. usury seizes the wealth of others in a vanity way

By doing usury, of course we have given additional in the payment process. For example, someone sells nine thousand pennies for ten thousand which means there is an additional thousand that must be spent by the buyer. This type of transaction is strictly prohibited by Islam, because it will only harm one party. Likewise, in borrowing debt that is accompanied by usury, there is an addition in every payment without going through an agreement which ultimately makes the borrower feel difficult.

3. usury breeds hatred and enmity

If greed for wealth has penetrated a person's soul, it is not impossible that there will be enmity and hatred, especially between the rich and the poor.

4. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

We can understand this situation, especially when the money policy is getting tighter or it can be called a tight money policy. In a situation like this, the rich will get very high interest rates, while because it is expensive, the poor will get poorer because it is difficult to borrow and open a business.

5. usurymakes someone lazy to try

For those who do usury, usury is considered more profitable because they get more money without the need for hard work.

Islam prohibits usury is for human welfare. If usury is not forbidden, there will be a lot of oppression between the rich and the poor, the culture of helping is getting lost because they will only think about themselves without caring about others. Therefore, let us avoid the practice of usury in our daily life.

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