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6 Ways to Sleep Healthy Like Rasulullah, Help Keep Condition and Fit in the Morning


Islamic teachings have various practices that are good for health, as well as in strengthening faith. One of them in terms of resting at night. How to sleep healthy like the Prophet should be imitated. Because that's the right way to get real body rest.

6 Ways to Sleep Healthy Like Rasulullah, Help Keep Condition and Fit in the Morning

The sleeping pattern of the Prophet Muhammad was so inspiring and began to be scientifically proven by many leading scientists. It is undeniable, health experts admit that this healthy way of sleeping like the Prophet deserves to be applied every day.

Although fairly simple, this is in accordance with the hadith of the Prophet and can include carrying out the practice. Trying to run the example of the Prophet, including one of worship. So as Muslims who try to obey, it would be nice to know about this.

Here are some ways to sleep healthy like Rasulullah, help maintain condition and fitness in the morning.

The first healthy way of sleeping of the Prophet is to turn off the lights or make your room darker. This was conveyed by the Prophet SAW through hadith, and strengthened by various studies.

The hormone melatonin, produced by the pineal gland, functions as a regulator of sleep rhythms, boosts immunity, maintains heart health, and inhibits the increase in cholesterol.

In addition, a study in the journal Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics. Reviewing that sleeping using artificial light will have an impact on the body's biological clock. As well as triggering the overexpression of cells that are associated with the formation of cancer cells.

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Sleeping Position Tilt Towards Right

How to sleep healthy like the next Prophet by tilting the body to the right. Because the position of the heart on the left, preventing crushed. This has been recommended by the Prophet SAW since thousands of years ago.

This can reduce the risk of heart failure. Because, when the body is tilted to the right, the left side of the heart is not crushed by other organs.

In ancient times, perhaps many thought that Islam always puts the right first, so this suggestion refers to that priority. It turns out that behind it, there are medical effects to maintain health that are starting to be revealed.

For husband and wife couples, it can be by facing to the right with the wife's position in front. So that the husband can hug from behind.

Putting Right Hand Under Right Cheek

The simplicity that emanated from the healthy way of sleeping of the Prophet, he preferred to sleep on a mat, made of animal skin filled with coir. Quoting from Liputan6, the head of the Prophet SAW was given a cushion as a pillow. But sometimes use one hand placed under the cheek.

Behind the simplicity of the Prophet stored medical benefits. It turns out that sleeping with palms can make the position of the head, neck and back create a straight line.

Not Sleeping with the Stomach Position

The Prophet's next healthy way of sleeping was to avoid the prone position. This prohibition emerged from the story of Ya'isy bin Thikhfah Al-Ghifari.

Health experts prove that sleeping on your stomach is dangerous. Medical science reveals that if you sleep soundly on your stomach for a long time, it automatically makes the chest muscles or respiratory muscles unable to develop the chest properly and optimally.

After a certain period, you can have difficulty breathing. Because the weight of the body presses against the chest and prevents it from stretching and contracting. This reduces oxygen intake and affects the performance of the heart to the brain.

Do not linger on your back

The Prophet's next healthy way of sleeping is the prohibition of sleeping for long in the supine position. Because the results of medical studies, it turns out that sleeping on your back can suppress or suffocate your spine, sometimes it can even cause you to want to go to the toilet all the time.

Based on the research of Dr. Zafir al-Attar, sleeping on his back will cause a person to breathe through his mouth. Thus reducing the intensity of breath from the nose. Whereas the nose has fine hairs and mucus that can filter dirt, which is inhaled along with the inhaled air.

Too much breathing through the mouth, a person prone to flu. It also causes dryness of the oral cavity, thus triggering inflammation of the gums.

Sleeping Early After Isha Prayer

The last healthy way of sleeping of the Prophet was, the suggestion to rest after the Isha prayer. It is better to hasten to sleep if there is no other interest.

Moreover, staying up late for things that are not useful, of course can be detrimental. However, if there are important things that make the eyes have to stay awake, it can be done, such as muraja'ah, studying, and other good things.

In terms of health, night time is used as the liver's excretion to neutralize toxins, so a calm state is needed. If you stay up late, then this secretion does not run smoothly as it should. So in the long term, it can cause liver cancer.

Those are some of the ways of healthy sleep of the Prophet that should be imitated and applied every night. A simple step of worship that is very easy, in order to gain the love of Allah SWT through following the example of the Prophet.

This step is not only carried out by Muslims, but is neutral for all, with the intention of obtaining health. Greetings healthy and hopefully useful.

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