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Children are sustenance and trust from Allah

Children are sustenance and trust from Allah

Children are sustenance and trust from Allah

Someone asked a scholar in a recitation:

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.

Is it true that the conclusion that many children have a lot of sustenance is because I see some people believe in this and have more children, but ignore family responsibilities. On the other hand, abortions occur because they are worried about the future of their children. What is the actual explanation of the verses, hadiths, and the ash-shalihsalaf? Please explain, Ustaz! – (Ina's mother from Bangka Belitung)

scholars answered:


In fact, multiplying children is done by ensuring the intention, commitment, and ability to meet their financial and educational needs. This condition may vary from one family to another.

It becomes something that is recommended when the family is a family that can afford to do so. It's the other way around, when the family doesn't have the will and ability to provide for and educate their children.

This is necessary so that what is born is a strong family with children who grow up healthy and educated, both large and small families. Not vice versa, families with children who grow up unhealthy and uneducated.

The purpose of multiplying children in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad is of course children who grow up healthy, educated, and nurtured to become the best generation of their time.

Such is the proportional view as explained by experts, such as al-Qardhawi, Syauqi 'allam, and others with the following explanation.

First, the best guidance in translating verses and hadiths is to collect all related texts and translate them proportionally based on the rules of language, interpretation, and interpretation of the ash-shalihsalaf.

Second, there may be a number of exaggerated phenomena where there are those who conclude that many children have a lot of sustenance or that adding more children adds income. It underlies some people to reproduce offspring without considering the responsibility to educate their children. As is known, the fact that with increasing children, also increases the trust to educate them.

Third, it is true that Allah SWT and His Messenger recommend to every family to reproduce as the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, "Marry a woman who is compassionate and has a child because I will be proud of your number in front of other people (on the Day of Resurrection)." (Narrated by Abu Dawud).

The word of Allah SWT, "And there is not a creeping animal on the earth but Allah is the one who provides sustenance...." (Surah Hud: 6).

However, this argument should not be interpreted separately from the related arguments.

Fourth, it is true that Allah SWT forbids someone from limiting children because of excessive worries about sustenance as Allah SWT says, "... and do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We will provide sustenance to you and to them.... " (Surat al-An'am: 151).

This atmosphere should not be excessive to make a person afraid to give birth to children.

Fifth, the child who is born is a trust as the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, "Everyone is a leader and will be held accountable for his leadership ..." (Hadith narrated by Muslim).

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) prayed, "O Allah, I seek refuge in You from a terrible calamity, from the misery that befalls me, from adversity in judgment, and from the joy of the enemy."

In addition, it is a fact that every child born is a trust that requires time, energy, thought, and money to care for and educate him to grow up healthy and educated.


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