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Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib was the first person to hold the Islamic flag

Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib was the first person to hold the Islamic flag

Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib was the first to hold the Islamic flag

After Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib entered the large caravan of the Muslims who were full of blessings, a commotion began among the Quraysh and their allies. Hamzah's conversion to Islam inevitably stimulated some of the Meccan youths and their leaders to follow in his footsteps embracing Muhammad's message.

Islam grew stronger and stronger after Umar bin Khattab also converted to Islam. With the presence of Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib and Umar bin Khattab, the Quraysh did not dare to do anything reckless to the Muslims. The pressure they exerted gradually began to loosen although it didn't go away completely.

Hamzah was always by his nephew's side. Support, support and defense of the waves of persecution was poured out by him to the Messenger of Allah. All of this is carried out with full sincerity without any strings attached. His body and soul were sacrificed to be able to defend this new religion.

The Messenger of Allah was very pleased with Hamzah's conversion to Islam, coupled with his sincere submission and defense, which made him love him even more. A great title was pinned to him: "The lion of Allah and His messenger". The Messenger of Allah also tied the ties of brotherhood between Hamzah bin Abdul Muthallib and Zaid bin Harithah.

It is enough as proof of the greatness and majesty of Hamzah in Islamic history if you don't look at the pages of Islamic history. In history, he was the first to hold the Islamic flag.

According to the story the Messenger of Allah sent troops on an expedition to the area of Shaif al-Bahr. This is the territory of the Banu Juhainah. For this important matter, the Messenger of Allah did not find a more appropriate ambassador than Hamzah. The Saif Al-Bahr expedition was the first expedition in Islamic history.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) prepared thirty horsemen from among the emigrants. Not a single sound ansor friend. He appointed Hamzah to lead this important expedition.

Hamzah and his troops set off. Until finally they arrived in the area of saif al-bahr. There the troops met a large group of Quraysh. This group consisted of three hundred soldiers. The pinnacle of leadership is the ashes of evil.

There was a quarrel and a war of words between these two groups. Almost a fistfight broke out between them. There was not the slightest feeling of trepidation and wanting to retreat among the Muslims even though their numbers were not comparable to the enemy. They were determined as hard as steel to fight if it was forced.

However, Majdi bin Amr Al-Juhani from Badi Juhainah intervened. He is a partner on both sides. He immediately jumped into the middle of the arena and broke up this dispute. He desperately requested that there be no fighting. Out of respect for Majdi Hamzah and Abu Jahl withdrew their respective troops.

Hamza returned to Medina. The wind of faith has been blown in his spirit. Pride crept into his heart. Joy filled his mind. Why not, wasn't he the first person to hold the Islamic flag on the orders of the Messenger of Allah.

After a period of time, news arrived to the Messenger of Allah that there was a large Quraysh caravan with Abu Sufyan as its leader. In this caravan there is a large capital and wealth of the Quraysh. Because this caravan had just returned from Syria after trading there and was going back to Mecca.

The Messenger of Allah wanted to block this caravan and conquer it to paralyze the Quraysh. Another goal was to seize the Quraish's property which was often used to harm the Messenger of Allah and the Muslims.

Preparations were made by the Muslims to block this caravan. Rasulullah saw ordered Mushab bin Abdud-dar to hold the flag of the Muslims. The flag is white. There are also other flags that were handed over to Ali bin Abi Talib. This flag is a symbol of the emigrants. Another flag was handed over to Ansor's friends. The last two flags are black.

Abu Sufyan already smelled this wrong sign, he quickly sent an envoy to immediately go to Mecca, to ask for additional troops, so that his trading caravan would not lose money. The Quraysh also sent youths and troops armed with full weapons to go after Abu Sufyan.

When the Quraysh group arrived at a place called al-urwah al-qushwa, they set up tents. Everyone gathered there to get ready for war. Meanwhile the Muslims took a position in a place called bi'r badr. Previously they had mastered oases (water sources in the desert) so it was impossible for the polytheists to take water there.

There was no war between the two camps. Abu Sufyan was able to save his caravan. Realizing that the situation was safe, a group of Quraysh returned to Mecca because they did not want to fight against the Messenger of Allah. However, Abu Jahl has the opposite opinion. He wanted to beat the drums of war so that he could destroy the Muslims. Of course, according to him, as the leader Muhammad should be killed. Before their number increases and their influence expands.

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