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Sick, Sincerely Accepting God's Decision

Sickness begins with health. If we are healthy today, then get ready, it is possible to be sick tomorrow. Likewise, those of us who are sick today, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be healthy and well. The nature of human life must be accepted as it is. Because, there is no person who is always healthy throughout his life, just as there is no person who is happy and happy all the time he lives.

Sick, Sincerely Accepting God's Decision

The Messenger of Allah emphasized that for every disease there is a cure, except when death has come. In fact, death is normal, if we surrender to Allah's provisions. What makes humans afraid is precisely because of their rejection and denial of Allah's provisions and decisions. Wong, we started from nothing into existence, and our existence on the surface of the earth, is never asked for? We also do not have the authority to choose from whom, when and in which country.

In fact, it is difficult for us to remember the nine months in the mother's stomach. Even though, in those nine months, almost no one complained of depression or frustration due to lack of sustenance? Everything is absolutely in the provisions of Allah. Human memory is too weak to remember those times. Just accept what has been outlined from the sound.

Yes, accept God's decision as it is. When we are healthy and well off (prosperous), then be grateful as much as possible. In that gratitude, the blessings of life will continue to be added and added by God. Even though we are in the midst of a tremendous tempest, but for gratitude experts, he will always be strong to be patient in facing life's tests. It does not mean that a grateful person is not treated to calamities and disasters, free from tempest, but he is skilled at responding to God's destiny and provisions sincerely.

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The quality of sincerity to accept the test of life, that's the most important thing. A person with a sincere heart, he is very adept at measuring and measuring risk, and able to manage space and time. For sincere people, the world is sick, lacks and the narrowness of life is just a matter of "turn" only. How can we reject the narrowness of life that will surely come to anyone. In fact, the infallible Messenger of Allah, as well as the guardians of Allah and all the scholars, their fates are always rotated.

Quality of worship

There are people who complain before God, while praying in a groaning voice: "Yes, Allah, I have been diligent in worshiping… praying five times a day… but why am I being given such a heavy trial, O Allah…?”

Know that there is no severe trial that is more than human capacity to bear. Every trial and test of life has been measured by our ability and ability to overcome it. The only problem is that we are skilled or not in understanding and interpreting the trials of life. Do not let the experience of life be lived, forgotten, passed by, without us having time to explore and reflect on it as a very valuable knowledge and wisdom.

Also, don't let the quality of our prayers be limited to fear of hell, looking for worldly gains, but continue the quality of prayer and worship out of gratitude to Allah the Creator. Isn't the Messenger of Allah, who is guaranteed to enter heaven, still praying, especially after the age of 52 after the Mi'raj event? Then, when a friend asks a critical and reflective question, what is the prayer for the servant who has been guaranteed heaven for him? The Prophet's answer was very philosophical: "Don't I want to be loved as a grateful servant?"

But on the other hand, didn't the Messenger of Allah – the prophet of the end times – experience times of illness, economic hardship, lack of food, wounds and bleeding, even when he lost his teeth in a war defeat? How can we, as servants with moral qualities like this, want to always win at the top, be prosperous, always healthy and spacious? Guess what!

No matter how pious and pious a man is, he will surely be faced with a fluctuating destiny. Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes prosperous, sometimes broke, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes spacious, sometimes cramped. In fact, the delicious food that is spread out in front of your eyes, including any beautiful woman who will serve, is of no value at all if a person is suffering from grief and misery, has a feverish body, has no appetite, suddenly becomes senile, his teeth rot and is old. aging.

Then, what is proud of this life of glamor and worldly splendor which is only a moment and the twinkling of an eye? What is the meaning of worldly wealth and power, if we mismanage and use it?

A caliph and friend of the Prophet, Ali bin Abi Talib, once sent a letter to Malik bin Harith al-Ashtar (655 AD) who was appointed as a high official in the province of Egypt: "O Malik, you are currently governor of a province (Egypt) in its history have alternated power over the centuries, both good and bad government. As the new ruler, your movements are being watched by the people, as you have watched the government before you. The people will watch over you carefully and thoroughly, as you have watched the government before you carefully and thoroughly too."

Then, then Saydina Ali gave a warning about the end of a typical just leader who will ink gold. Meanwhile, a despotic and arbitrary leader will surely be eroded by a dark historical record. All of this is a result of the choices about the policies he makes, whether the leader is able to communicate and connect with the justice of the people and the greatness of God. Or, he only cares about his self-image to be seen as noble by his group, to the exclusion of his glory in the eyes of God?


Like the fate of human life, every region and power has its own destiny and destiny. Not always at the top and not always at the bottom. Likewise experienced by the destiny of the leadership of the Prophet, both in Mecca and Medina. Always experiencing ups and downs, as part of the nature of life which is absolutely determined by Allah Who has the prerogative over it.

Moral decadence or the turmoil of power was even experienced by the companions of the Prophet himself, especially in the era of the rejection of the Khawarij for the leadership of Ali and Muawiyah. Racial sentiments and primordialism have resulted in the killing of Caliph Uthman and Ali himself, only because of the struggle for power and wealth that is worldly. This continued to the tragic fate of Husein, the grandson of the Prophet whom he loved so much.

However, human common sense can easily read, what is right and what is wrong. People can be blinded by worldly desires and ambitions, to the point of losing their conscience and reason. When his mind is sick, humans are unable to measure and measure risk. It is thought that this worldly life is eternal and eternal. In fact, the land of the hereafter is the goal of eternal and true life. But, why do most people dare and are desperate to sacrifice the eternal, just for the sake of a fleeting and fleeting moment?

Therefore, accept the pain and hardships of life, if it has become the line of God's provisions. As expensive as any drug you can afford. No matter how much shamans and smart people you pay. Why force our will on something that we can't determine its destiny at all, no matter how hard we try to get up? No matter how strong our dreams and imaginations are to breathe and move? When it's time to die, we all will die, just as the Prophet and our predecessors always died too.

Our body is just an egg shell which is fragile and easy to crack and break. Our flesh and blood are only mangoes that are easily porous by caterpillars and maggots. Humans are weak creatures, easy to forget and full of mistakes. What is there to be proud of with intellectual arrogance, wealth and power in this mortal and temporary life?

What is the pride of the large number of worship, if the quality is low? Are not humans healthy, spacious and cheap in sustenance, even entering heaven, essentially because of God's love and affection for him? So, the quality of sincerity must always be improved, whatever and however much God has given us as His creatures.

Don't let us be busy grumbling and protesting, like a teacher asking himself, why did God put him in a lower heaven than his students? He sued God and demanded that He weigh his good deeds. It turns out that after re-consideration, the quality of worship that has been carried out for decades in the world, has no meaning compared to the many mistakes and ugliness that he has committed during his life.

The wise and pious, always warn us to be careful. Because being grateful in a time of ease is much harder than trying to be patient in a time of hardship. Pride and arrogance always target human life when in a position of spaciousness and splendor. Exceeds people who complain a lot and grumble when in a position of narrowness.

For those of you who are being afflicted with disaster, then be patient. Continue to strengthen your patience, until then Allah decides the final result. Then, surrender to the final result, which is the provisions that have been outlined. And for those of you who are healthy and living an airy life, then be grateful, and manifest that gratitude by remembrance of Allah and n pray, share and lend assistance to people in need, especially to their own family and relatives.

That solution is taught by Islam and conveyed by the Prophet, until in the end we will all go home and surrender ourselves to the provisions and decisions of Allah Who Owns everything. In fact, He alone Owns all of us. To whom will we return, except to Allah ta'ala?


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