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The death of the lion of Allah and His Messenger

The Quraysh and other allied tribes marched from Mecca to Medina to fight the Messenger of Allah and the Muslims.

The great war broke out for the second time. At first the victory of the Muslim troops was in the eyes. However, all of them had to be lost because the archers disobeyed the Messenger of Allah's command to stay on Mount Uhud and not leave their position so that victory turned to the polytheists.

The death of the lion of Allah and His Messenger

The battle of Uhud for the Muslims was purely to fight for the true religion and a strong desire to be martyred. Meanwhile, the Quraysh and their allies went to war to avenge their defeat at the Battle of Badr, and took revenge on two great figures, namely Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib and the Messenger of Allah.

Therefore the war raged so fiercely. Both sides exerted all their strength and ability to repulse their opponent. Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib fought fiercely and hit every opponent in front of him.

But when the war was going on, Wahsy, who was specially assigned to kill Hamzah in a cunning way, kept lurking with a spear. When he saw hamzah behind a tree, Wahshi's body trembled violently, because before he had never seen anyone fighting so bravely and so fiercely, but he had to complete his task properly and correctly.

When Hamzah was fighting with Siba bin Uzza, Wahshi immediately stepped forward and threw his short spear so that it slid into the navel and penetrated Hamzah's groin. Even so, Hamzah was still able to get up and head towards Wahsyi, but his injuries were so severe that he staggered before finally falling to the ground and being martyred. 

After that Wahsyi approached Hamzah's corpse and pulled out his short spear and he immediately returned to the ranks of the troops to sit down, because his task was finished. He didn't want to be involved in war. Wahsyi was very happy because he had done his job well, and he would also be freed and receive gold.

Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib died as a martyr. In fact he was the head of the martyrs. He died according to the plan outlined by the Quraysh.

It should be said here that Hindu revenge against Hamzah was so rusty, that during the negotiations between Hindu and Wahsyi there was also an agreement that after Hamzah died, Wahsyi was asked by Hindus to take Hamzah's heart. Hindun wanted to eat the liver raw because his annoyance had crossed the line.

Wahsyi obeyed the order that made his hair goosebumps. He cleaved Hamzah's stomach to his chest. He took out Hamza's heart and handed it over to the Hindus. Hindun immediately bit a part of the heart with his teeth. But he couldn't chew it so he threw it up immediately.

It is inconceivable how sad the Messenger of Allah was after the war was over. The dust that had been flying around had begun to thin and disappear. Begin to look heartbreaking panoramas. So many victims on the side of the Muslims, not a few who were seriously injured. The Messenger of Allah looked at the corpse of his uncle Hamzah which was no longer in a state of disrepair. His body was torn and torn apart, the contents of his stomach had been blown out. Blood soaked all over his body. A heart-wrenching sight.

He couldn't hold back his tears. Crying bitterly when looking at the corpse of the honorable hero in an unnatural state. The beloved uncle died horribly.

For this incident the Messenger of Allah was very angry and really angry, to the point that the Muslims wanted to retaliate in the same way to the polytheists. However, Allah swt forbids retribution in kind. Allah swt sent down a number of verses as a guide and exaltation to Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib. Among them are stated in Q.S an-Nahal verses 125-128.

Thus the lion of Allah and the Messenger of Allah was killed on the battlefield of Uhud. His holy spirit soared up to the eternal heaven. Surge is the abode of the martyrs. At that time, he had reached fifty-seven years. Rasulullah SAW buried Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib in a grave with Abdullah bin Jahsy after previously praying seven times. Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib was the first martyr to be prayed by the Messenger of Allah.

Some may ask, then what is the fate of Wahshi after the incident?

Indeed, after successfully killing Hamzah, Wahsy managed to get all the gifts that had been promised to him and stayed in the city of Mecca until the time the Prophet conquered the city of Mecca. Out of fear, Wahsyi fled to the city of Taif. However, when most of the taif people flocked to the Messenger of Allah to embrace Islam. Wahsy thought that taif would soon be occupied by the Messenger of Allah. 

So he was very confused and scared. However, there were those who advised him that if Wahshi converted to Islam, his safety would be guaranteed, because the Messenger of Allah would not injure people who had embraced his religion. 

Wahsyi went to Medina to embrace Islam with the taifs. After meeting the Messenger of Allah, he paid close attention and asked what his name was and was asked to explain why Wahshi had the heart to kill Hamzah. Wahsyi also told the truth about what happened.

Since then the Messenger of Allah did not want to see Wahshi's face and said that he would be harmed. Wahsyi was very sad, but he realized that this was a risk he had to bear. Wahsyi always avoided the path that the Prophet had passed so as not to cross paths, every time he almost met, Wahsyi would avoid fulfilling his orders until he finally died.

However, when the Muslims went to war to crush the musailamah al-kadzab movement of the residents of the city of yammah, secretly Wahsyi joined the group. Wahsyi slipped the spear that was used to kill Hamzah.

When the Muslim army met the musailah army. Wahsyi sneaked and looked for musailamah. When it was close, Wahshi threw his spear and hit his body so that he died instantly.

Wahsyi was determined to kill Musailamah. He wants to atone for his mistakes. If previously he killed the greatest human named Hamzah, now he is begging Allah swt for forgiveness, one of which is by killing the despicable person on earth, namely Musailamah al-Kadzab.

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