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The story of Ammar bin Yasir, Istiqomah Fruits Heaven

Yasir bin Amir was one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who converted to Islam in the early days of the Prophet's da'wah so that he was included in As-Sabiqun Al-Awwalun (First / first generation Muslims). Yasir is a friend who died in difficult times with his age that is no longer young, Yasir suffered enough because of the torture and cruelty of Quraish.

The story of Ammar bin Yasir, Istiqomah Fruits Heaven
The story of Ammar bin Yasir

Ammar bin Yasir or also known as Abul Yaqzan was the first group to embrace Islam. He was a faithful companion of the prophet and loved by the Prophet Muhammad for his devotion and dedication in fighting for the religion of Islam.

Living in Mecca

Ibn Sa'ad wrote in Thabaqat al-Kubra that Yasir bin Amir was not a native of the city of Mecca. Yasir is an immigrant from Yemen. Yasir bin Amir came to Mecca to look for his missing brother.

It is said that Yasir and his two other brothers named Malik and Harith traveled from Yemen to Mecca. However, when they arrived in Mecca, it turned out that the three brothers could not find the whereabouts of their brother nor did they get enough information to continue their journey. Finally they decided to return to Yemen. When Malik and Harith decided to go home, Yasir changed his mind. Yasir wanted to stay in Mecca because he felt comfortable living in Mecca.

In order to stay, as an immigrant Yasir must obey the rules in Mecca. He must pledge allegiance to a large tribe so that his property and life can be guaranteed safety. Ibn Sa'ad wrote that Yasir bin Amir took allegiance to Abu Hudzaifah, the ruler of the Makhzum tribe and joined him.

Abu Hudzaifah then married Yasir to his slave girl named Sumayyah. Not long after that Sumayyah was liberated by Abu Hudzaifah. From the couple Yasir and Sumayyah was born Ammar, a friend who was persistent in fighting for Islam. According to the slavery rules that were in effect at that time, Ammar automatically became Abu Hudzaifah's slave status, although in the end Ammar was freed by Abu Hudzaifah. Yasir's family continued to follow Abu Hudzaifah until he died.

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Embracing Islam

In the book al-Kamil fi al-Tarikh, Ibn al-Atsir notes that the Yasir family converted to Islam in the 5th year of the Prophethood (bi'tsah). It is most likely that Yasir was the last to convert to Islam compared to Ammar and Sumayyah in the family. This is in accordance with the records of Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani in the book al-Ishabah fi Tamyiz al-Shahabah which wrote that Ammar and Sumayyah were included in the seven first people to convert to Islam, Ammar the sixth and Sumayyah the seventh. Meanwhile, Yasir, according to Ibn Hajar's count, is in the thirties.

The Yasir family's Islam was very expensive for the Bani Makhzum tribe. Because they were former slaves of Bani Makhzum, it can be said that they were tortured arbitrarily by the rulers of Bani Makhzum. Among the harshest against this family was Abu Jahal, Abu Hudzaifah's cousin.

Ammar was born to slave parents, Yasir bin Amir and Sumayyah bint Khayath. Ammar's family had embraced Islam first as people who received guidance from Allah.

Not surprisingly, the decision to embrace Islam made them suffer various torments and difficulties from the Quraysh under the leadership of Abu Jahal at that time.

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Falling in Defending Aqidah

Abu Jahal tortured Yasir's family with various tortures to get them out of Islam. The rulers of Bani Makhzum also participated in torturing Yasir's family. Various physical and mental tortures did not ignite the two couples, Yasir and Sumayyah, even though they were very old. Yasir bin Amir finally died due to the very severe and persistent torture.

Yasir's family still sided with Muhammad's teachings. Sumayyah died as a witness to the truth he believed in. She is the first woman to bear the title of martyrdom for this deen of Islam. Followed by her husband, Yasir as the first man who holds the title of martyr.

Meanwhile, Ammar, the eldest child, continues to struggle with the torment. He still tried to endure the torment no matter how painful it was. But he is still human. In fact, the torment he received had exceeded the limits of humanity, until Ammar unconsciously uttered words of kufr as an attempt to release the torment he suffered.

If the believers came from a weak and poor group or were the slaves of Mecca, they would scourge them and throw smoldering fire on them. The Yasir family is this group, wrote Khalid Muhammad Khalid in the book Biography of 60 Companions of Rasulullah SAW about Ammar bin Yasir, the Man Who Inhabits Heaven.

Yasir, Sumayyah, and Ammar every day did not escape the cruel and terrible torture. However, this did not diminish his faith and belief as a believer.

Knowing that Yasir was being tortured, the Messenger of Allah did not remain silent even though at that time the Prophet did not yet have great strength to resist the disturbances of Abu Jahal's group.

The extraordinary sacrifice of the Ammar family reflects a true steadfastness to the established religion.

Sumayyah, Yasir, and Ammar are part of the group chosen by the destiny of Islam to form the strength of sacrifice, determination, and patience for the next believers.

Many hadiths describe the painful terror that befell Ammar because he was forced to become an infidel. But all that terror did not hurt Ammar's soul at all. It only injures the body and weakens its energy.

Ammar didn't really feel annihilated, except for one day when the executioners became even more violent.

The torture ranged from being ironed with a fire, being crucified on a hot sandy lawn, to being crushed under a burning rock and even being drowned in water until he couldn't breathe,,Khalid wrote.

Ammar was able to endure the torment that befell his body because his soul remained strong, standing tall. However, now he felt that his soul had lost. The sadness and fear that now enveloped his feelings almost made him die.

Ammar regained his composure. He no longer felt the torment that was poured out on him as suffering. Now he doesn't care anymore. His soul has been fortunate as well as his faith because the Qur'an has guaranteed to grant him a blessing full of forgiveness.

That's Ammar, Allah has given guidance and favors to him with a large measure. In guidance and belief, he has reached a level that made the Messenger of Allah cleanse his faith and make him an example and role model among the Companions.

There is no information at what age Yasir bin Ammar died. If traced from Ibn al-Atsir's notes in al-Kamil fi al-Tarikh regarding Ammar bin Yasir's age when he died in 37 H at the age of 94 years, it can be calculated that Ammar was 44 years old when he was prophetic. If Yasir was for example 20 years or 30 years old with Ammar's age, it can be said that at that time Yasir bin Amir was around 60-70 years old or even more. Wallahu A'lam.

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