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The story of the Prophet's Companions: Ikrimah bin Abu Jahal, the originator of the Dare to Die Army

The story of the Prophet's Companions: Ikrimah bin Abu Jahal, the originator of the Dare to Die Army
Story Ikrimah bin Abu Jahal

Ikrimah bin Abu Jahal, the originator of the Dare to Die Army

Creamah bin Amr bin Hisham is the son of the chief of Quraysh. His father was better known as Abu Jahal than his name Amr bin Hisham.

At that time the Roman forces, which numbered half a million people, managed to surround the Muslim troops from various directions and were ready to destroy.

Seeing the precarious conditions being faced by the Muslim troops, Ikrimah bin Abu Jahal as one of the soldiers raised his sword and made a very difficult decision for anyone. Yes, he decided to fight to the death against the Roman army.

His loud voice boomed like lightning calling the Muslim troops, "O Muslims, which of you is ready to take an oath of allegiance to fight to the last drop of blood?"

400 volunteers approached Ikrimah. It is they who are known in history as the "Death Brave Troops"

Seeing such a situation, Khalid bin Al-Walid rushed to Ikrimah and tried to prevent her from sacrificing herself.

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Ikrimah glared at Khalid. His forehead glowed as he said to Khalid,

"Let me make this decision, O Khalid. You have already done a lot of good with the Messenger of Allah. Meanwhile, my father and I were the most vehemently opposed to the Messenger of Allah. have to escape the Roman siege?! This can't be happening."

The Roman army was shocked by the movement of the brave troops led by Ikrimah who advanced like lions on a rampage and broke their necks.

Volunteers of the troops who dared to die continued to advance in turns to disperse the concentration of thousands of Roman imperial troops who surrounded the Muslim troops.

Ikrimah bin Abu Jahal who led the brave troops continued to advance to the heart of the strength of the Roman troops to break the siege.

The actions of the patriots of Ikrimah and the troops who dared to die made the Roman troops bitter.

The Roman war commander ordered that all arrows be directed at the brave soldiers who continued to advance without fear of death.

The horse Ikrimah was riding wobbled and fell because of the many arrows lodged in her body. Ikrimah jumped off the back of her horse and continued to lunge at tens of thousands of Roman troops with her sword.

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After Ikrimah's horse died, the Romans aimed their arrows at Ikrimah's heart.

The brave troops who had sworn allegiance, when witnessing Ikrimah's heroic actions immediately followed the commanders of the brave troops to die in the way of Allah as they had said in their pledge of allegiance.

The Roman troops could hardly believe the sight before them. 400 troops who dared to die, the Muslims who had sworn allegiance, continued to advance and were willing to die. God has made the hearts of the Roman army tremble and fear.

The Roman troops retreated to the rear fleeing. The shouts of takbir shouted by the troops who dared to die had made the Roman troops disorganized, so that the siege of the Muslim troops could be ended.

Khalid Bin Walied rushed to find his cousin, Ikrimah bin Abu Jahal in the midst of the victims who were scattered. Ikrimah's body was found lying in a pool of blood, not far from Al Harith bin Hisham and Ayasy bin Abi Rabiah who were also seriously injured.

In his groan Al Harith bin Hisham asked for a sip of water. But before drinking it, he saw Ikrimah bin Abu Jahal who was lying weak not far from him. Al Harith said to the person who brought the water, "Give the water to Ikrimah, because she is thirstier than me."

Then when the water bearer approached Ikrimah and was about to drink it, Ikrimah saw Ayash who was not far from her. Ikrimah asked the water carrier to give water to Ayasy first.

But Ayasy refused to drink the water that was brought for her saying, "I will not drink the water until my brother asks to drink it first."

So the person who brought the water back to the place of Al Harith bin Hisham. But unfortunately, he found Al Harith had breathed his last. When they looked at Ikrimah, Ikrimah was gone. Water was brought to Ayasy, but Ayasy was not moving.

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