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The unique story of Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib when he embraced Islam

The unique story of  Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib when he embraced Islam

The unique story of  Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib 

When the light of prophethood had begun to penetrate the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib still refused to accept this call from his nephew to convert to Islam. Even though he knew that his nephew was famous for his honesty, purity of soul and a noble position among the Quraysh tribe. Even among all humans there is no one who is commensurate with him.

Until finally the historic day came in Hamzah's life. One day that told how Hamzah as a hero of the city of Mecca was able to join the ranks of the Muslims.

From the very beginning, as is well known, the Quraysh never ceased to pressure the Muslims, persuade and seduce them. If that didn't work, then the Quraysh turned to physical torture, insults and ridicule. Everything was done with one goal, to bring back the Muslims worshiping idols. But the power of Allah says otherwise, after the heart is illuminated with the light of Islam, the believers turn into strong people who embrace Islam. The eyes of their hearts, which were pierced by the light of faith, seemed to have ignored all the torments and pressures they faced from the Quraysh leaders.

Wahyupun descended for two years. One day Hamzah was getting ready to leave the city of Mecca into the vast desert to hunt for the animals he loved. He spurred his horse and carried his bow and arrows to get to his destination quickly. At that time the Messenger of Allah (saw) entered the Kaaba. Abu Jahl's uncle was also in the same place, Abu Jahl greeted the Messenger of Allah with ear-piercing words. He denounced the religion of the Messenger of Allah and also made several expressions of ridicule, ridicule, and scorn. Meanwhile, the Messenger of Allah (saws) just kept silent hearing all those impolite and impolite remarks. At least he didn't reply.

Seeing no reaction Abu Jahl increasingly cursed with very inappropriate words. Until finally to avoid unwanted quarrels, the Prophet left the Kaaba and his uncle. After the Messenger of Allah left, Abu Jahl gathered a group of the Quraysh polytheists. He spoke before them and boasted of his bravery in humiliating Muhammad bin Abdullah. The audience just nodded at the words of Abu Jahl.

At that time there was a slave girl belonging to Abdullah bin Jad'an at-Taimi who was in a house on Mount Safa. He clearly witnessed the incident in the Kaaba, the dirty words of Abu Jahl to the Messenger of Allah were also clearly listened to by him.

In another place, Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib saw the results of his hunt. He returned to Mecca. It is his habit after returning from traveling or after hunting, Hamzah always goes to the Kaaba first around the Black Stone and prostrates before the idols placed all over the Haram Mosque. He greeted everyone who was there before heading home. At that time he was still in the shadow of polytheism.

After the tawaf and prostration to all the idols there, Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib said to all those present at the Kaaba location, he spurred his horse back to Abdullah bin Jad'an's house. Suddenly the slave girl belonging to Abdullah bin Jad'an stopped Hamzah in the middle of the road, and spoke all that she had heard about Abu Jahl's taunts and insults to the Prophet Muhammad. Listening very carefully to the story of the slave girl, Hamzah's blood immediately boiled. He failed to return home and intended to quickly meet the evil ashes who had degraded the dignity of his brother and friend in his childhood. Even though he knew how noble and commendable Muhammad's character was, even though he had not yet joined the religion that Muhammad brought. He rushed to the Kaaba again to hunt down the evil ashes.

In one corner of the Kaaba area, he saw Abu Jahl sitting surrounded by his polytheist companions. He walked quickly towards the evil ashes and stood right next to him. Without further ado, the bow he was holding was struck at the head of the evil ash. Blood dripped and wet the face and clothes of the evil ashes. Abu Jahl stood with fiery eyes holding the hamzah. The two of them seemed to be ready to fight to the death as a result of this incident. But both of them are still stuck in their respective places. Seeing that Abu Jahl did not reply, Hamzah infuriated and challenged him. Among the attendees there was a group of men from the Bani Makzum who were supporters of Abu Jahl. One of them said that Hamzah had apostatized from his religion. In a loud, firm and steady voice, Hamzah bin Abdul Muhalib said that he had followed the religion brought by Muhammad, even though he had never met the Prophet Muhammad to declare himself converted to Islam.

The situation was already heating up due to the challenge posed by Hamzah, but Abu Jahl did not want a dispute with his brother to occur. He immediately cooled the atmosphere, with a sore heart he tried to soften Hamzah's hardened heart even though he was hit by Hamzah's bow before.

Hamzah returned home he contemplated the events that had just happened. Unknowingly he had just declared his Islam in front of Abu Jahl and his friends. It was all fueled by anger and attempts to defend his nephew. His mind was confused and confused why he had to express Islam when he was not a Muslim before.

He knew that his nephew was an upright man. His life was shrouded in a bright light. His figure was like the sun, the sheets of his life were as white as snow. Never once in his life did his nephew utter a lie, Muhammad was absolutely an honest and trustworthy person. Hamzah racked his brain, compared his current position with if he converted to Islam. 

He considered his nephew's da'wah on the other hand. Although there is a deep sadness in Hamzah's heart because it was so easy for him to leave his ancestral religion. Hamza also met the Messenger of Allah and told the incident that he had experienced with Abu Jahl, the Messenger of Allah also prayed for him so that Allah swt would strengthen his heart to convert to Islam. Because he often heard a lot of da'wah from his nephew, and Hamzah's questions were answered very well by his nephew, slowly Hamzah's doubts disappeared and he firmly stated two sentences of sahadah.

Hamzah Abdul Muttalib joined the ranks of the Muslims. A valiant man started a new chapter in the history of the Islamic struggle.

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