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3 Prayers That Are Not Rejected, One Is A Just Leader


3 Prayers That Are Not Rejected, One Is A Just Leader

Prayer is a request to Allah SWT for something we want.

However, not all prayers were immediately answered by Allah SWT and there were only 3 people whose prayers were not rejected.

Allah SWT loves his servant who prays.

In fact, God promised to answer the prayers of his servants.

When praying there is a prayer that is not rejected, who is the person whose prayer is not rejected. For more details, please see the review below.

The factor of answering prayers is due to the goodness inherent in them, or because of submission to Allah when praying. The scholars of hadith explain that the mention of the number "three" does not indicate a limitation on the number but is only a statement among people whose prayers are quickly answered.

In answering the prayer of his servant, Allah has three ways.

First, Allah will immediately answer the prayers of his servants in the world.

Second, Allah will grant it in the hereafter.

Or if not, then Allah will replace it by keeping the servant from calamity.

In granting the request of his servant, Allah SWT has promised to grant the prayers of people with certain conditions.

Of course, these 3 people whose prayers were not rejected have goodness inherent in them, or it could be because of their obedience to Allah SWT.

First: A Just Leader

What is meant by the phrase "a just leader" is a regional ruler who is in charge of all human affairs and he acts fairly, obeying Allah's commands by putting a policy in its place.

The mention of "fair leader" takes precedence because the general benefits and value of his presence are related to the public interest and the people's livelihood.

According to Ibn Mandhur in the Arabic Oral Dictionary, fairness is something that lust does not affect to deviate / despotic in a decision. Fair is a decision with the right way or decide correctly

According to Sayyid Alwi bin Abbas Al-Maliki, this just leader is he who breaks the 'thorns' of wrongdoers and criminals. He became the support of the poor and the poor.

With the presence of a just government, public affairs are resolved so that they feel safe and secure in their life, property, and good name.

Second: Fasting People

The phrase "one who fasts until he breaks his fast" includes people who fast both sunnah and obligatory, especially fasting in the month of Ramadan. The prayer of a fasting person is answered due to the strong element of closeness to Allah SWT, emptying the soul from permissible things and the temptation of lust.

This “hungry” worship resulted in a strong collaboration between divine values and human values so that they were protected from sin and immorality.

Therefore, people who are fasting should take advantage of the moment of fasting to multiply prayers with full sincerity and submission to Allah SWT with the belief that prayers will be answered.

Because Allah SWT has the nature of al Hayyu which means shame, where He feels ashamed if His servant raises both hands while praying to Him but He does not grant it.

The sentence "until he breaks his fast" indicates the time when the prayer is answered is not tied to a certain time, but the seconds during fasting from sunrise to sunset are an efficacious time.

Third: The wronged person

The phrase "and the prayers of the oppressed" is a strong warning and threat to the perpetrators of tyranny, both individually and collectively. The prayer of the persecuted or oppressed is one of the prayers that is easily accepted by Allah SWT.

There are ten things that cause prayers not answered by Allah

  • 1. You know Allah, but do not fulfill His rights
  • 2. You read the Quran, but you don't want to practice its contents
  • 3. You claim that the devil is a very real enemy, but you gladly follow in his footsteps and orders
  • 4. You claim to love the Messenger of Allah, but you like to leave his teachings and sunnah
  • 5. You really want heaven, but you never do the practice of heaven experts
  • 6. You are afraid of being put into hell, but you are happily busy with the actions of the people of hell
  • 7. You admit that death will come, but you never prepare the provisions to face it
  • 8. You are busy looking for other people's disgrace and forget your own defects and shortcomings
  • 9. You eat Allah's sustenance every day, but you forget to be grateful for His blessings
  • 10. You often take the corpse to the grave, but never realize that you will experience the same thing

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