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5 Attitudes We Should Do When Our Prophet Is Humiliated

5 Attitudes We Should Do When Our Prophet Is Humiliated

Is it wrong for Muslims to be angry when Prophet Muhammad was insulted?

Muslim creed The morality of the Prophet Muhammad is the main source of reference for Muslims. It is proper for Muslims to imitate his morals, especially in the midst of Islamophobic phenomena such as the publication of cartoons of the Prophet still deceiving the global community.

How important is it for Muslims to love Prophet Muhammad?

For a Muslim the greatest blessing is making us a believer. We will not be people who believe and know Islam if Allah SWT does not create the noblest human being, namely the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW. Then Allah educated him and made him a prophet and messenger of the last days. Therefore loving the Prophet is part of faith.

Prophet Muhammad was a chosen human being, not an ordinary human being, he was a human being, but not just any human being. There the human side or basyariah emerges. However, we must realize that a human being is praised no longer by ordinary humans but by Allah who created him.

What is the description of the character of the Prophet?

Islam teaches good morals and politeness in interacting with fellow human beings, both Muslim and non-Muslim, but Islam also teaches firmness in maintaining faith and keeping faith in our hearts.

Is it wrong for a Muslim to be angry when Prophet Muhammad is insulted?

In the hadith it is stated that a person's faith is not perfect if he does not love the Prophet more than his mother and father. Then, how can we not feel pain, if this noble person is made fun of by others, only on the basis of respecting absurd creativity?

So it is obligatory for a Muslim to maintain the honor of his family if he is insulted, moreover this is a prophet of the end of time who loves Allah, whose faith is also measured on the basis of our love for him.

However, a good reaction is to give a strong protest to both the insulting party and the government that supports it, by understanding that their way is not to protect creativity, but rather an uncivilized insult. Those who claim to be a developed and civilized nation, in fact, are far from polite in relations between nations and religions.

What was the attitude of the Prophet when he was insulted and hated by the enemies of Islam?

Prophet Muhammad SAW was very polite and often insulted his extraordinary personality, but he was patient and even prayed, as was the beginning of his da'wah in Taif.

However, after Islam spread and people were given an understanding of Islam, if there is an insult to religion, it is obligatory for us to provide good information. If at this stage they are still disturbing then we have to fight it.

Praise and insults are part of everyone's life. Especially for the big characters, these two things have a more powerful intensity. The taller the tree, the bigger the wind. When praised, they are revered and even culted. When insulted, humiliated to the core.

How we react to it, just imitate how our Prophet dealt with it.

  • 1. Ignore it. Don't share, don't broadcast. Just ignore it. Those insults will find a place more and more when we respond to them.
  • 2. Forgive them. At the time of Mecca, the Prophet came with tens of thousands of his followers. He could have massacred the Meccans who had expelled the Prophet Muhammad.
  • 3. Reply with kindness
  • 4. Pray for him
  • 5. Don't do the same thing.

Insults do not make the insulted contemptible, but only show the humiliation of the insulting party. The glory of our Prophet is not diminished by an inch of humiliation. We don't have to panic with insults. Instead, we have to be careful with our responses that might even make the Prophet Muhammad humiliated by the actions of his people. Once, the Prophet Muhammad looked away and complained to Allah when he found out that one of his companions had committed a violation of humanity in a war. Maybe the same thing will be shown by our Prophet when he sees the anarchist attitude of Muslims defending his name. Don't disappoint our Prophet, pls.

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