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9 Points Not to Do During Umrah

9 Points Not to Do During Umrah

Muslim creed Several points should not be done during Umrah. The ban starts when Umrah pilgrims wear ihram cloth in the miqat. Ihram itself means "prohibition". The prohibition finishes when they practice "halal". Some of the restrictions on Umrah consist of being restricted from wearing daily clothes, wearing fragrances, making love, and so forth. The following are some of the restrictions in Umrah worship that must not be broken by Umrah pilgrims.

1. Reducing or Drawing Hair or Body Hair

The first Umrah prohibition is reducing or tweezing hair or body hair, such as armpit hair, nose hair, pubic hair, mustache, and beard. This is as specified in Q.S Al Baqarah verse 196.

But if some hairs or brows fall out or you have no intention of tweezing them, after that is alright. This is based upon the opinion of Imam Malik as well as Ibn Taymiyyah.

2. Reducing Nails

Previously scholars concurred that it's prohibited for individuals that remain in ihram to cut their nails, both the nails of the hands and the nails of both feet. This also puts on individuals that want to sacrifice.

The scholars concur that if the toefingernail is broken, it's permissible to cut the toefingernail because it's disturbing. Thus, the individual doesn't need to pay fidyah. However, if the individual deliberately reduces all his nails, after that he is obliged to pay fidyah.

3. Cursing fragrance

The point that should not be done during the next Umrah is to wear fragrance, both on his body and his ihram cloth. This is based upon the hadith "Don't wear clothes or cloth that are affected by za'faran or battles" (HR Bukhari No. 5803). Zafran and battles are the names of fragrances that have existed since the moment of the Prophet previously.

4. Using Direct Head Covers for Men

Men are prohibited from wearing head coverings directly for men. The direct meaning of the head covering is in the form of a hat, skullcap, turban, or skullcap. This prohibition is in accordance with the hadith of the Prophet, "A person who is in ihram may not wear a robe or robe, nor may he wear an imamah (turban)" (HR Bukhari No. 1842 and Muslim No. 1177).

5. Wearing the veil and gloves for women

For women, of course, it is permissible to use a head covering to cover the genitals. However, women are prohibited from wearing the veil and gloves during Umrah.

6. Wear clothes that are stitched inning accordance with body form

For guys, it's prohibited to use clothes that are stitched inning accordance with body forms, such as qomis (cloak) and sirwal (trousers). Additionally, the use of khuf (shoes), socks, undershirts, and panties is also not enabled.

7. Searching Land Video game Pets

Umrah and Hajj pilgrims are restricted from searching land video game pets, such as deer. On the other hand, poultries, goats, cows, or camels are not video game pets. Additionally, aquatic pets are also alright to be hunted. This is according to the words of God in Q.S Al-Maidah verses 95 and 96.

8. Married, Married, and Suggested

The prohibition to wed, wed, as well as use for women and men that remain in ihram. This is according to the hadith, "It's not permissible for an individual that remains in ihram to perform a marital relationship, neither may he wed, neither may he use" (HR Muslim No. 1409).

9. Having Hubby and Spouse

Couples are restricted from making love during Umrah. Making love consists of the Jima 'which is mentioned in the vocabulary of "rafats". Rafats consist of:

Jima (having hubby and wife)

mubasyarah (production out and enjoying the wife's body but not having actual intercourse).

words that welcome desire as well as do a touch of excitement.

Thus a description of some of the points that should not be done during Umrah. Hopefully, this information will make you more careful in carrying out Umrah so that you do not do anything that's prohibited by Allah SWT during ihram.


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