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Can Umrah But Not Hajj?

Can Umrah But Not Hajj?

This question is often asked by many individuals, particularly for those that want to visit the Divine Land to perform Umrah but have not yet performed Hajj. Presently, the line for Hajj departures is long.

Because of this, many individuals currently decide to perform Umrah first. So what is the judgment on carrying out Umrah before carrying out Hajj? This is because the legislation of Hajj is more highlighted compared to the legislation of Umrah. For more information, see the following conversation!

Judgment on Carrying out Umrah Before Hajj

In Q.S Al-Baqarah verse 196 it's specified, "And complete Hajj and Umrah for Allah". This shows that the trip is a worship that must be focused on by Muslims.

In Q.S Ali-Imran verse 97 it has also been specified that the trip is a worship that must be focused on by Muslims that have psychological, physical and monetary capcapacities.

Although the trip has stricter laws when compared with the legislation for the trip, it ends up that there's no policy that specifies that the trip must be performed before umrah. In truth, both can be executed at the same time. There are also treatments that have been taught by the Prophet Muhammad, specifically the tamattu' technique and the qiran technique.

The tamattu technique is a trip that starts with Umrah and proceeds with the Hajj.

On the other hand, the qiran trip is a trip that combines the trip and umrah in one collection.

So is it feasible to perform Umrah but not Hajj?

Based upon this description, every Muslim may decide to perform Umrah before carrying out the Hajj. However, the responsibility of Hajj remains connected to those that have performed Umrah before Hajj. So, as lengthy as the individual has the ability to do it, after that the responsibility to earn Hajj remains.

The Knowledge of Carrying out Umrah Before Hajj

If it ends up that you perform Umrah before carrying out Hajj after that there are several lessons or benefits that you could obtain, consisting of:

1. Obtain a summary of the circumstance in the Divine Land of Capital

By having actually a summary of the circumstance in the Divine Land, it's hoped that you'll have an experience that will make you better ready for the trip later on. So, when you most likely to perform Umrah, obtain as a lot information as feasible about the circumstance in the Divine Land as an arrangement for carrying out Hajj in the future.

2. Anticipating If You Finally Can't Make Hajj

If it ends up that fate and age don't provide a chance for us to perform the trip, at the very least we have performed the trip. By carrying out Umrah at the very least it's better compared to absolutely nothing. But if the opportunity comes where you can decide to perform Hajj or Umrah, focus on Hajj first.

Hajj and Umrah Based upon the Prophet Muhammad SAW

A buddy of the Prophet, Ibn Abbas ra, specified that the Prophet Muhammad performed Umrah 4 times, specifically UmrahHudaibiyah, UmrahQada in the month of Dzulqaidah a year after Hudaibiyah, 3rd Umrah from Ji'ranah, and the last one was Umrah together with his Hajj. Thus, the Prophet performed 3 pilgrimages before he performed the trip. The following are the Umrah performed by the Prophet before he made the trip:

Umrah Hudaibiyah

UmrahHudaibiyah was performed by the Prophet in 6 Hijri, to be precise in the month of Dzulqa'dah. It was called UmrahHudaibiyah because during that time the Prophet and his entourage were obstructed by the Quraysh so that their trip was quit at Hudaibiyah and a Hudaibiyah contract was made. After that the Prophet performed the trip.

Qada Umrah

In the month of Dzulqa'dah in the year 7 Hijri, the Prophet Muhammad SAW took place an Umrah journey with 2,000 friends. Some of these friends had performed UmrahHudaibiyah in the previous year.


After the Hunain battle on 8 Hijri, the Prophet dispersed ghanimah in Ji'ranah and Beliu and his entourage performed Umrah.

After the Prophet performed the 3 Umrahs, he after that performed the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages in 10 Hijriah. So, based upon what is performed by the Prophet, carrying out Umrah before Hajj is permissible or otherwise restricted.

Thus the conversation that hopefully can answer the question is it permissible to go for Umrah but not yet perform Hajj.


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