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Dhikr heals all diseases according to the advice of the Prophet, read when you are seriously or lightly sick

Dhikr heals all diseases according to the advice of the Prophet, read when you are seriously or lightly sick

Muslim creed - Every living creature must have been tested for pain in its body. This disease is caused by several bacterial and viral factors that are transmitted through a number of conditions, such as not being able to adapt to changes in weather, fatigue, late eating, and the current pandemic disease is no exception.

Even though illness has made us weak and helpless, we must always have a good attitude towards Allah SWT. The hard times tested by the disease did not make him lose faith in God. In passing the illness test, we are advised to seek to see a doctor to get medicine, rest, and maintain a diet, and not to panic, but apparently that is not enough, because all healing comes only from Allah SWT. Therefore, as servants, we must also pray to Allah for healing and health.

Having a healthy body is the dream of every human being. Unfortunately, sometimes disease is unavoidable

When you get a disease, in addition to doing treatment, making efforts while praying to Allah SWT is also recommended. Even the Prophet Muhammad himself had a prayer to treat certain body parts that were sick.

He used to do this when a family member, friend, or one of his own body parts was sick. Reading the prayer is very simple and can be practiced by anyone.

At the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, the Prophet himself had a practice or prayer that was regularly read to ask Allah for protection so that his family would always be given health. He also recited this prayer when visiting sick people so that they could get well soon.

Every human being must have experienced trials from Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala in the form of pain, be it mild illness or serious illness.

The Covid-19 corona outbreak continues to hit, including Indonesian citizens. From the latest data until Wednesday (6/5/2020) this morning alone, tens of thousands of people have been positively exposed in Indonesia, including 9,000 corona patients who are still being treated.

Those who are positively exposed to Covid-19 are also advised to follow medical protocols related to handling corona patients. Some can self-isolate or self-quarantine, but some also have to undergo extra and intensive care to increase their immunity until they are declared cured.

Then, what are the guidelines in Islam, especially regarding prayer and remembrance for seriously ill patients like the corona virus?

In addition to medical treatment, in Islam also teaches its people when sick, namely doing remembrance to cure all diseases.

When practicing prayer or remembrance to heal all diseases, do it with full sincerity and hope that Allah SWT will heal all the pains that we are suffering.

There is also a prayer that was taught and practiced by the Prophet Ayub AS. As is known, Prophet Ayub AS is a messenger of Allah who has extraordinary fortitude when tested with serious illness. When he was 51 years old, Prophet Ayub was given a trial by Allah with a skin disease. The Prophet's skin oozed pus until his hair fell out. This drives many people away from him. However, he was always patient and did not stop asking Allah SWT for healing.

As for the prayer or remembrance of the healer of all diseases that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) recommended that we practice are as follows:

Dhikr heals all diseases according to the advice of the Prophet, read when you are seriously or lightly sick

We can practice the above prayer when we ourselves are sick.

That is the remembrance of the healer of all diseases recommended by the Prophet Muhammad that we can practice when we are sick. Hopefully useful and add insight about Islam

Therefore, let us always strive and pray to Allah for healing and health. This is the best attitude that must be possessed by Muslims who are being tested by any disease.

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