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Doing Good Wherever We Are, Allah Will Definitely Repay


Doing Good Wherever We Are, Allah Will Definitely Repay

Muslimcreed - In terms of the level of goodness done, al-Syinqîthî in Adhwâ` al-Bayân classifies the level of good deeds into three levels.

First, the lowest level (al-hadd al-adnâ), namely doing good or carrying out obligations just to release obligations, such as paying zakat. Included in this understanding is giving charity (sunnat), even with a date, as recommended in Qs. al-Zalzalah: 7-8.

Second, the middle or moderate level (al-hadd al-awsath), which is doing good or carrying out obligations with sufficient levels (levels that can simply abort obligations) and sharing with one's own interests, as illustrated by the suggestion of the Qur'an to behave moderation (not excessive), including in charity.

Third, high level (al-hadd al-aqsa), namely doing good or carrying out obligations for others, even though he himself needs it, as was done by the Ansar for the benefit of the Muhajirn.

Well, if a good deed appears in small quantity, but has been carried out to the fullest extent of ability and with total obedience to its orders, then even the smallest act is still meaningful. A poor person may have to dig deeper if he gives a hundred thousand rupiah in charity, because his income is not much. If he gives in charity fifty thousand, that amount may still be considered large, and there has been a fair agreement between his social rights and personal rights (self-interest, children, and his wife).

In contrast to that, a billionaire may not be in trouble if he gives alms with a hundred thousand, because his wealth is abundant and his income is large. Therefore, the value of a good deed cannot only be seen from the quantity, but from the quality in the form of the totality of the sacrifices made. Likewise, doing good to people or other creatures in need will be more valuable than to people who need little or no help.

Don't hesitate, friends, Allah will surely reward us with kindness. Keep doing good wherever and wherever we are with the intention only because of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Because it is only by the will of Allah that we get the reward of goodness and other blessings.

May Allah make us people who always do good and are happy to spread benefits to many people, and the most important thing is to keep our hearts and intentions only for Allah alone.

Only Allah has the power to eliminate the difficulties of life or the harm that is befalling His servants, whether difficulties due to lack of wealth or because of health problems and unfair treatment from others.

All the difficulties that befall a person, of course there is a reason. These causes were created by Allah as a test for humans, whether they really submit to Allah or not, and they are under His supervision.

Regarding the pleasures and spaciousness of this life, Allah states that if He wills by His taste to bestow pleasure on humans, then no one can hinder it.

Happiness and pleasure are His gifts to His servants and according to His taste. What He wills must happen, and Allah is not bound to a cause in giving pleasure and goodness.

Allah's bounty on His servants is based on the breadth of His mercy. Allah is Forgiving, forgiving all the sins of those who repent, and the sins of the disbelievers who then believe in Him before death.

Allah is Merciful, loves the believers and He does not punish him when he repents of his sins.

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