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Honey, Stomach Pain Medicine ala Prophet Muhammad SAW Scientifically Proven


Honey, Stomach Pain Medicine ala Prophet Muhammad SAW Scientifically Proven

Muslimcreed - Medicine is one of the sunnah of Rasulullah SAW to cure disease. Treatment will be an effort for humans to cure diseases that are tested by Allah SWT.

However, even though humans have tried, Allah SWT is also the one who heals. Various efforts are certainly based on an attitude of trustworthiness.

Honey has long been used in medicinal practices for various ages, including when the Prophet Muhammad was still alive. Science then revealed the health benefits of honey.

Honey Benefits

1. Honey is rich in antioxidants

Honey has various antioxidants and protects the body from free radicals. Honey protection prevents body organs from being damaged quickly due to stomach acid disorders.

2. Reduce inflammation

Honey reduces the risk of inflammation due to attacks of stomach acid disorders. This protection even extends to the esophagus, which can experience decreased function due to stomach acid.

3. Honey texture protects mucous membranes

Honey has a texture that can protect the mucous membrane of the esophagus. This allows better protection against disturbances caused by excess gastric acid production.

4. Can be used with other natural remedies

Honey can be consumed with warm water or steeping tea, such as chamomile tea. In addition to reducing discomfort due to stomach acid disorders, chamomile tea also helps you fall asleep quickly. Another benefit is anti-inflammatory so it reduces pain.

The benefits of honey are unquestionable, unfortunately research does not mention the recommended way of consumption for stomach acid disorders. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go to the doctor immediately, when consuming honey does not relieve the symptoms of stomach acid.

When consulting a doctor, make sure to tell your history of drinking honey when you feel a disturbance in stomach acid production. In addition, you should ask your doctor first if you want to continue drinking honey during treatment.

Like modern medicine, this model of the Prophet's treatment is carried out by consuming (eating or drinking) and taking action. Some foods that are often consumed by the Prophet, such as honey, dates, black seed, kamah (fungus), to water.

Meanwhile, the Prophet took several actions for treatment such as cupping, kay, to ruqyah. Honey is a medicine that is mentioned explicitly in the Koran.

Not only honey, ajwa dates derived from aliyah also contain medicine or as an antidote when consumed in the morning. The Prophet also guaranteed that people who consume 7 ajwa dates will avoid magic.

The scholars are of the opinion that the hadith regarding ajwa dates is limited to the dates produced in Aliyah's plantation. Plantations or settlements from the Medina highlands towards Nejd.

Or also called in the lowland plantations of Medina towards Tihamah. According to al-Qodhi Iyadh, the Aliyah area is the closest 3 miles and the farthest 8 miles from Medina.

Rasulullah SAW told people with fever not to berate and revile their illness. Because the heat of the body due to fever is God's way of eradicating human mistakes.

Not only by consuming some food, the Prophet also took action for treatment. One of the most popular to date is cupping.

The Messenger of Allah cupped and rewarded the cupper's services. He performs cupping on both sides of the body beside the neck and on the front shoulder.

Another treatment that the Prophet had done, namely kay or attaching a hot iron to the injured area. However, the Prophet did not like it because it causes pain.

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