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It's not always sad, here are 5 lessons from losing valuables


not always sad, here are 5 lessons from losing valuables

Muslim Creed - Everyone must have experienced loss, such as losing a job, losing a loved one, or losing anything that has been very guarded for so long. When you have something and really take care and take good care of it, but suddenly it just disappears, of course it will be very heart-wrenching.

But as a believing Muslim you have to believe that Allah's plan is the best even if you think it is not the best.

Loss is something that is very sad for many people, especially when you lose valuables. Whether it's losing your wallet, cellphone, vehicle or something else. Especially if the lost item is the result of our own efforts. No doubt we often blame the situation, sad, upset to stress.

However, we need to remember that behind every problem and disaster there must be a lesson that we can learn. Even in the loss of goods, we need to take various lessons. What are those? Come on, see the explanation below.

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1. Realizing that everything is just a deposit

Humans always feel that they have the property that they get. When we lose valuable things, then we realize that everything we have in this world is only a deposit because the real property that we have belongs to God.

2. We become more grateful for what we have

Losing valuables makes us more grateful. Why so? Because actually our lost possessions are nothing compared to the pleasures we feel. Even though we experience this unpleasant thing, we can still feel other pleasures such as breathing free air, functioning body parts, feeling the warmth of being together with family, and other pleasures.

Maybe, all this time we have forgotten to be grateful until finally Allah made us realize the importance of being grateful through the loss of valuable things.

3. So appreciate the goods more

Maybe some of us often keep valuables in any place, so that sometimes we forget where we put these items. Even when we ride public transportation, we are not careful and careless so that we don't realize that the valuables we carry are lost, whether they fall or are stolen.

When we lose things, we value the things we have more, take good care of them and be more careful when carrying valuables in public places.

4. Something lost will be replaced with something better

We must believe that after hardship there must be ease. After we lose valuables, there must be other good things that we will receive, one of which is that the lost items will be replaced with better ones. It may be that our lost valuables are not good for us, then Allah will remove them from us and Allah will replace them with better ones.

5. Be aware of the importance of alms

When we lose things, maybe that's when God admonishes us to share with others. Perhaps, the loss is a warning for those of us who have been reluctant to give charity. Therefore, we must be aware that we have to set aside some of the wealth we earn to give alms to people in need. Alms has many virtues. You can see these virtues in the article The virtues of people who give alms.

Well, those are some lessons we can take when we lose valuables. It's natural to be sad, isn't it? However, we need to remember that in every disaster that we experience, there must be something good that we can take.

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