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Never leave prayer, may Allah protect us from sinful acts

Never leave prayer, may Allah protect us from sinful acts

Muslim creed - Prayer is one of the most important means in the relationship between humans and Allah SWT. Prayer is also the second pillar of Islam and is the pillar of religion.

Imagine if your house's pillars are not strong even without poles, of course the building will not stand firmly. Likewise with prayer.

Because prayer is the most important practice for a Muslim. And if a Muslim has left the prayer, then of course that person will get a very big sin.

Even though fasting in the month of Ramadan, diligently giving alms and giving infaq every day, but never praying 5 times at all, then his practice is in vain.

"Because the first thing that Allah takes account of is the prayer, if the prayer is done, then other (worship) questions are asked. If the prayer is not there, Allah does not need to ask anything else (worship)," said Sheikh Ali Jaber in his delivery.

Sheikh Ali Jaber also said, no matter how big your sin, never leave prayer.

In addition, with prayer we can be prevented from doing bad things to us.

In the Qur'an Surah Al Ankabut verse 45, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala ordered the Prophet Muhammad to always read and understand the Qur'an that had been revealed to him to get closer to Allah. By understanding the messages of the Qur'an, he can improve and develop himself according to Allah's requirements.

This order is also addressed to all Muslims. The appreciation of the word of God that is continuously read will affect the attitude, behavior, and character of the person who reads it.

After ordering to read, study, and carry out the teachings of the Qur'an, Allah ordered the Muslims to perform the obligatory prayers, namely the five daily prayers. Prayer should be performed according to the pillars and conditions, and full of solemnity.

It is highly recommended to perform the prayer complete with the sunnahs. If it is done perfectly, then the prayer can prevent and deter those who do it from heinous and evil deeds.

Praying is a manifestation of the belief that has been embedded in the heart of the person who does it, and is proof that he believes that he is very dependent on Allah.

"That's why I always say, especially young people and women, no matter how big your sin is, don't leave prayer. No matter how big your sin is, don't leave prayer," said Sheikh Ali Jaber further.

Prayer is worship that directly connects worship with Allah, like a rope. If the rope breaks, then there is no other rope to connect it.

As long as we keep the 5 daily prayers, there is hope for forgiveness from Allah SWT. Even though you have sinned, the hope of forgiveness from Allah SWT is still there. But if you don't pray, how will Allah SWT forgive you if you don't repent?

Therefore, let's friends, let's reflect on our prayer practices. Are our prayers good and solemn? Have our prayers been accepted? and are we serious in prayer?

May Allah Ta'ala protect and protect us from sin by leaving sin behind. May we always keep praying so that our sins are forgiven by Allah SWT. Don't forget to pray, no matter how sinful you are. Wallahu'alam

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