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A drunkard will certainly be penalized by Allah if he doesn't repent until completion of his life. But, there was a boy at the moment of the Prophet that was very intoxicated and after that he mosted likely to heaven, are you aware that he is? His name was Nuaiman a drunkard that entered heaven. What made Nuaiman most likely to heaven? Although he prefers to be intoxicated, after that why did he enter heaven? Let's see the tale listed below.

Nuaiman was a buddy that was modern with the Prophet, but there were those that weren't happy with Nuaiman's practice of intoxication almost every early morning. Additionally, he prefers to joke and also often has enjoyable with the Apostle.

In the past, soon after awakening from his intoxication, Nuaiman really felt his stomach growl with appetite. Without a lot thought, Nuaiman intercepted a food supplier that happened to be going by before the mosque and ordered 2 packs.

While waiting on the vendor to prepare his purchase, Nuaiman entered the yard of the mosque and welcomed the Apostle to consume with each other. The Apostle after that stood up and goinged towards Nuaiman that was currently holding 2 packs of food. They both took a seat and consumed the food.

After the food was finished, the Apostle will go back to the mosque but was obstructed by Nuaiman.

"Where are you going, Apostle? After consuming, I do not pay," said Nuaiman.

The Apostle with a grin asked back, "What is your message, right?".

"That is right, Apostle," he responded to, clearing his throat. Nuaiman continued, "Everywhere the king safeguards his individuals, the leader offers his residents, the manager deals with his workers, how come I need to pay, Apostle?"

The Apostle after that reached right into his pocket while giving some money to Nuaiman with a somewhat chuckling grin.

After the event, Nuaiman's drunken practice didn't quit. Until someday several friends approached Nuaiman that was still intoxicated. Nuaiman after that stood up because some of the friends approached.

"What is it?" asked Nuaiman.

"Among the friends instantly scolded Nuaiman with cursing. "You're with the Apostle daily, but your habits is still such as this, aren't you ashamed of the Apostle?"

Another friend continued, "You're a depraved individual, it's not appropriate for someone such as you to love the Apostle because Allah will certainly curse you for your activities".

In case some of the buddies were still cursing and blaspheming Nuaiman, the Carrier of Allah gone by and instantly asked what was taking place. Among the buddies informed the event soon before the Apostle came.

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After paying attention to the description, the Carrier of Allah instantly scolded the buddies, "Never ever again, all you blaspheme and curse Nuaiman, although he resembles this but he constantly makes me grin, he still likes Allah and I, and there's no right for you to forbid Nuaiman to love Allah and love me as an Apostle."

Mentioned in various narrations, Nu'aiman will enter heaven chuckling.... "In a narration it's discussed that when Nuaiman passes away he will enter heaven chuckling because he constantly pleases the Prophet Muhammad and his buddies,"

Well, currently you know, why can a drunkard such as Nuaiman most likely to heaven? Yes, he entered heaven because of his innocent nature and he constantly did points with his heart, not because he was comprised or wanted to be seen by friends.


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