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The Virtue of Girls in Islam

The Virtue of Girls in Islam

Muslim creed - Having a baby is the most beautiful gift in one's life. Especially if he and his partner have been waiting for the presence of his baby for a long time. The presence of a baby not only gives a new color in a family, but also glues both parents and even the two big families in it.

Having a son or a daughter, both of them provide tremendous happiness. Both should be gratefully acknowledged. Having a son or daughter, both also give each other invaluable virtues.

The Priority of Girls for Their Parents

1. Protector from Hellfire

The main virtue of daughters is to protect their parents from hellfire. In a hadith, it is explained that parents who are blessed with daughters in life should be happy. The reason is, the presence of girls can be a protector in the afterlife from hell fire.

when parents protect their daughters wholeheartedly, then Allah SWT will protect them from the hell fire later. Their daughters will be a shield for him from the fire on the day of resurrection.

2. Closer to the Prophet

The virtue of the second daughter is to make her parents closer to the Prophet.

The next virtue of daughters is as a way to enter heaven. The Messenger of Allah said that parents who sincerely love and care for their daughters can make it easier for them to enter Paradise.

when Mama and Papa took care of and nurtured a daughter until she was an adult, then when the Day of Judgment came, the Messenger of Allah would join together to illustrate the closeness of parents and the Prophet Muhammad. Wallahualam.

3. Reflect Softness of Heart

Another virtue of girls is to reflect tenderness of heart. Yes, a daughter is able to reflect the tenderness of her parents' heart. Generally, girls are soft-hearted, full of affection and love. This is what then makes parents can become individuals who are also gentle, patient and full of love, and compassion.

A girl reflects tenderness of heart. Generally, girls are soft-hearted, full of affection and love. This is what then makes parents become more gentle, patient and loving individuals. With the presence of a daughter, parents certainly have to learn a lot to be a very patient and loving person.

Given that it is so important to have a daughter, make sure to love every child, be it a girl or a boy, in the same way and with the same amount of affection. Never discriminate between a boy and a girl because they are both a gift from God that must be taken care of properly and sincerely. I hope this information is helpful.

4. The way to heaven Allah

By caring for and educating girls with all their heart and love, Allah SWT will always promise heaven for every parent.

5. Protector of the Day of Judgment

That is, when Mama and Papa wholeheartedly protect their daughters by providing them with proper food, drink, clothing and education, then this can be a practice for Mama and Papa to get Allah's protection at the end of the day.

6. Be a test for every parent

From the word of Allah in Surah an-Nahl verse 58, it is explained that daughters are a test for parents. Because the presence of a daughter for some parents is not as pleasant as when they have a son.

In a hadith also narrated by Imam Nawawi, it can be seen how the virtue of a daughter can promise God's favor to her parents. For that, be a parent who is able to be fair to girls and boys.

Because, as the virtues of girls are mentioned in the hadith, they can be our protectors in the last days, Ma. Wallahualam.

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