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This is Our Real Enemy, 9 Names of Satan and Their Duties


This is Our Real Enemy, 9 Names of Satan and Their Duties

Muslim creed It is God's decree that Satan and his armies will tempt people until the Day of Judgment. The Qur'an explains how the devil's tricks in plunging humans.

About 14 centuries ago, the noble companion of the Prophet Sayyidina Umar bin Khattab RA was a friend who was feared by the devil. Even his courage not only makes humans shy, but also the jinn have said about the names of demons and their duties.

The following are the names of the Devil and his descendants as stated by Sheikh Nawawi Al-Bantani in one of his books which quoted the words of Umar Bin Khattab RA. Sayyidina Umar said that there are 9 descendants of Satan, namely: Zalaytun (Zalanbar), Watsin, Laqus, A'wan, Hafaf, Murroh, Masuth, Dasim, Walhan.

1. Satan Zalaytun. 

Some scholars also say Zalanbur, (fahuwa sahibul aswaq). This demon is the ruler of the market and shopping center (mall). His whispers caused merchants to dare to swear falsely on their wares, dare to reduce the scales of their buyers and commit fraud. Perhaps this is what inspired Sheikh Az-Zarnuji as the author of the Book of Ta'lim Al-Muta'allim forbidding his students to eat in the market, for the reason that the market is the place of the devil. Because in this market honesty is really tested.

2. Satan Watson. 

Some scholars also say the devil Tabar, (fahuwa sahibul mushibat). This devil is the master of calamities, so we often see many incidents of people screaming, thrashing when they get a disaster. In fact, it is not uncommon for someone to commit suicide when they feel they are not strong enough to be tested. That's where Watsin clapped because it turns out that his temptations managed to make people stay away from patience. Therefore Allah said: Innallaha ma'as shobirin (Indeed Allah is with those who are patient).

3. Satan A'wan. 

A'wan (fahuwa sahibus sulhton) is a demon ruler of kings, governments, officials, representatives of the people. So why is corruption still rampant to this day? The answer is because when we are given the mandate as rulers, that's where the devil A'wan whispers of abstinence to make us despicable leaders.

4. Satan Hafaf. 

Hafaf (fahuwa shohibu ssyarob) is a demon who controls (intoxicating) drinks. Hafaf keeps whispering in our ears so we can taste the intoxicating drinks. It makes the drinkers drunk, after being drunk they lose consciousness, and in the end it is easy to do bigger things.

5. Satan Murroh. 

Murroh (fahuwa shohibul mazamir) is a demon who rules the flute, in the sense of being the ruler of musical instruments. So if there is someone who is so complacent by playing a musical instrument that he loses track of time, then finally leaves his prayers and so on, then he really has fallen asleep by the tricks of the devil named Murroh.

6. Satan Laqus. 

Satan Laqus (fahuwa shohibul magi). It is also said by some scholars that this devil always plunges a man and a woman into committing adultery.

7. Satan Masuth. 

Masuth (fahuwa shohibul akhbar) is a demon who rules news. He will prompt people to continue to spread rumors and news that are not true or false news.

8. Demon Dasim. 

Satan Dasim (fahuwa shohibul great-grandmother). This demon is the ruler of the house. So actually in our house there is the devil Dasim who is roaming around. This devil always disturbs the harmony of one's household, if the family cannot control its temptations, then there will be quarrels and even divorce.

9. Satan Walhan. 

Satan Walhan (fahuwa yuwaswisu fil wudhu, was prayer, wal 'ibadat) is a demon who disturbs and gives doubts in every performing ablution, prayer and other worship. He whispers doubts to someone who performs ablution to keep repeating his ablution. By repeating his ablution, a lot of water will be wasted and wasted. Allah says: "Innal mubadzdziriina kanu ikhwaana ssyaayathin (indeed those who waste things are friends of Satan). He also doubts us in prayer, so that our prayers are not solemn, so other worship.

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