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Turning on istighfar in Islam


Turning on istighfar in Islam

Istighfar is an activity of dhikr to ask forgiveness from Allah. This worship is one of the highly recommended worship.

Allah commands His servants to always remember Him day and night, whether standing, sitting or lying down.

There are many lessons and virtues why a Muslim is ordered to do a lot of istighfar.

Apart from making a servant more often and even always remembering his Lord, istighfar can also protect a person from bad deeds and immorality because he always remembers his Lord.

Istighfar will not only bring forgiveness but also ease for someone's azzam and prayer from unexpected directions and ways.

If we look at the istighfar sentence, it is "Allahumma maghfiratuka awsa'u min dzunubi" (O Allah, Your forgiveness is wider than my sins). We will find that the first thing we do is we must be aware of our sins -- our sins. Confess our faults and sins. After the confession of sin, then we realize that Allah is Most Forgiving whose forgiveness is certainly wider than our sins. This means that the awareness that Allah's Forgiveness is wider than our sins is very, very important. Allah Al Ghofur (The Most Forgiving) and At Tawwab (The Most Repentant of Repentance).

Realizing the extent of Allah's forgiveness is very important because usually people who sin will be frustrated as if there is no hope. Give up. Feeling dirty and despicable. In this moment of frustration, Satan whispers to us to continue to perpetuate sin, even though despairing of God's grace is far more sinful.

The next sentence is "wa rahmatuka arja 'indi min 'amali." (And Your mercy I hope more than my deeds). So, we should no longer rely on our charity but we should rely on Allah's infinite Mercy. We still try to do good deeds but in our hearts we don't rely on charity, because we can do good deeds because of the Grace and Grace of Help from Allah. The istighfar sentence then makes us more optimistic and enthusiastic in living life.

And the repetition of reading three times signifies that it will be more stable as well as affirmation in our hearts and awareness of the vastness of Allah's Forgiveness and awareness to rely on Allah's infinite Mercy. May Allah forgive our sins -- the sins of all of us. Amen.

The practice of Istgfar is also in the habits of the Prophet to become a productive Muslim,

Here are sunnahs of the Prophet SAW to revive the productive habits of a Muslim

1. Tahajjud, 

because the glory of a believer lies in his tahajjud. Insya Allah, our prayers will be answered and we will be closer to Allah.

2. Read the Qur'an every day. 

No matter how busy we are, read even a few verses.

3. Dhikr after prayer. 

This is exemplified by the Prophet. Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Walaa ilaa hailallah Allahu Akbar.

4. Maintain the Sunnah Rawatib Prayer. 

To build a house in heaven

5. Maintain ablution, 

because Allah loves the servant who keeps ablution.

6. Practice istighfar every time. 

With istighfar problems that occur because of our sins will be kept away by Allah.

Those are the 10 sunnahs that make Muslims productive. Come on, let's learn to do it together.

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