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15 Well known Muslim Writers

15 Well known Muslim Writers

Muslimcreed.com The development of Arabic literary works which later on gave birth to Muslim authors or prominent Muslim authors. After that added to the development of literary works throughout the globe, the works that were birthed also some are famous.

If all this time around you just know English authors or perhaps authors in the modern era also known as new authors. After that you can begin obtaining familiarized with well-known Muslim authors that are quite a great deal. The variety of works they produced wasn't small, and some are still commonly known by the globe community previously.

Here are 15 widely known Muslim authors whose works have had the ability to provide ideas and inspiration to many individuals:

1. Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi

The first Islamic or Muslim number known to the globe through his works was Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi, also known as Rumi. Rumi is a great author that was birthed in Afghanistan on September 30, 1207 that isn't just known as an author.

However, he is also known as a poet and thinker that is highly respected by the wider community. The outcome of Rumi's thinking accepts Sufism which after that makes his works have a characteristic. Among them has a refined language but is abundant in meaning and gives an appealing knowledge.

All his works make Allah as the facility of his work and after that become its own stamina. Going into the 21st century, although Rumi had passed away at the age of 66 years on December 17, 1273, his work still affected many poets and authors on the planet such as Al Matsnawi Al Maknawi.

2. Abu Nawas Al-Hasan Ibn Hani al Hakami

Filling the list of 15 prominent Muslim authors next is Abu Nawas AL-Hasan Ibn Hani al Hakami. The globe community is more acquainted with the name Abu Nawas, are you quite acquainted with the name of this writer?

Abu Nawas is among the world's Islamic literary numbers that is known to have passed away in 810 AD. Besides being known as an author, Abu Nawas is also known as a poet that brings the theme of love and wine. Many of his works are worldwide and well-known previously.

Abu Nawas also became a personality in his own work, which later on became tales and fairytale that were distinguished generation to generation. Abu Nawas is explained as a smart number that is constantly able to assist Sultan Harun Al Rashid in refixing his problems. This gold work is qualified The Tale of 1001 Evenings.

3. Khaled Hosseini

A Muslim number that is also known as a well-known author is Khaled Hosseini that is a physician that was birthed in Afghanistan on March 4, 1965. Hosseini is known as a world-famous novelist, previously. Some of his works were later on adjusted to the cinema, specifically when they were granted asylum in the Unified Specifies.

Hosseini is known at completion of the battle in Afghanistan to obtain asylum or protection in the Unified Specifies. Throughout his remain in Uncle Sam's nation, Hosseini remained to produce many gold works. Such as The Kite Jogger which in 2003 was later on made right into a function movie.

4. Muhammad Hafez Shirazi

Muhammad Hafez Shirazi is a well-known Muslim author

Filling the list of 15 prominent Muslim authors, the next well-known author is Muhammad Hafez Shirazi that has the pen name Hafez. Hafez was a Muslim author from Persia that started putting together his gold operates in the 14th century.

This well-known Islamic author and poet was birthed in 1310 in Shiraz, Iran. Throughout his life, Hafez composed many rhymes, verses, proverbs, and expressions. There are very few resources that discuss his number, but his name is still known as among the prominent Islamic authors.

5. Naguib Mahfouz

Another widely known Muslim author is Naguib Mahfouz that was birthed in Egypt, exactly in Cairo on December 11, 1911. Mahfouz himself was called by his mom and drawn from the name of the doctor that assisted in the delivery process.

Besides being an energetic author, Mahfouz is also known to have functioned as a civil slave in Egypt. Throughout his life time, Mahfouz is tape-taped as having actually written 34 books, 350 brief tales, and lots of movie and dramatization drafts. In 1998, Mahfouz after that received the Unique Literary works reward, and he passed away in 2006.

6. Malala Yousafzai

The list of 15 widely known Muslim authors is controlled by man authors, but there's one lady, specifically Malala Yousafzai. Is an author that originates from Pakistan, and his name is very popular, particularly since the beginning of his profession started with the struggle versus the customs that limit ladies.

Her world-renowned work is enlabelled I am Malala: The Woman That Ready for Education and learning and was Fired by the Taliban. This work signifies how Malala's struggles succeeded in combating versus women's restrictions and in pursuing an education and learning.

7. Amani Al Khatahtbeh

Besides Malala, there's also the name Amani Al Khatahtbeh, that is a Muslim lady birthed in New Jacket, Unified Specifies on May 6, 1992. Her name is listed as a popular Islamic author because she has succeeded in writing in her individual blog site. These works after that changed the globe view.

Particularly individuals in the Unified Specifies that have unfavorable views after the 9/11 disaster. Her name became more and moremore and more well-known when she established the MuslimGirl.com system and quickly became the biggest Muslimah system in the western globe.

8. Ahmad Ibn Husayn

A well-known Islamic number that is also known as a popular author is Achmad Ibn Husain, better known by his pen name Al Mutanabbi. His complete name is Abu al Thayyib Ahmad ibn Hussain, that is known to the globe as a great poet from Arabia.

This great poet was birthed in 915 AD and passed away in 965 AD. Most of his own works fall right into the unparalleled peak of Arabic literary works. Although he was the leader of a disobedience and at the age of 17 he declared to be a prophet, his operate in literary works is recognized by the globe.

9. Abdul Ula Al-Ma'arif

Next is Abdul Ula Al Ma'arif that is known to the globe as a great poet, prose author, and smart author. Abdul Ula was birthed in 973 AD and throughout his life was known to have a moralist, simple personality, and had the ability to convey sharp objection.

10. Muhammad Qosim Al Harisi

The next well-known Muslim author is Muhammad Qosim Al Harisi that complied with in the steps of Jalaluddin Rumi. His works are mainly in masnawi form. Through his work, Muhammad Qosim had the ability to guide western civilization. Most of his works are Islamic verse.

11. Ibn Tufail

If you discuss 15 well-known Muslim authors on the planet, the name Ibn Tufail is ensured to be consisted of in the list. The complete name of this Muslim author is Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Abdul Malik ibn Muhammad ibn Tufail Al-Qaisi.

Besides being known as a theorist, Ibn Tufail is also known to be a physician. His operates in the area of literary works or writing are mainly through prose, and among his gold works is Hay IbnuZaqzhon (Life, the child of the Jaga).

12. Omar Khayyam

Next is Umar Khayyam that is better known by the name Omar Khayyam and is among the great poets, philosophers, as well as astronomers and mathematicians from Persia which is currently known as Iran. Among his works is Rubaiyat which is his work of art.

13. Abdul Athiya Ismail Ibn Qosim

The next Muslim number that goes after the globe of writing is Abdul Athiya Ismail Ibn Qosim. This great author is known to be birthed in 738 AD and passed away in 826 AD. Most of his works are through verse which is after that still commonly known by literary enthusiasts from various nations.

14. Muti Ibn Ilyas

The next great Muslim author number is Muti Ibn Ilyas that lived throughout the Umayyad duration. This Muslim author is a Palestinian birthed Muslim, and most of his works are through verse. Where the form of the poem is very little various from the rhymes by Abu Nawas.

15. Muhammad Iqbal

The next 15 prominent Muslim authors are Muhammad Iqbal that is a great author from Pakistan. Known to the globe as a book author, and among the titles of his work which is after that known to many individuals on the planet is JavidNamah.

Most of the Muslim authors over are certainly not acquainted to you, besides his work and some limited resources on the web. Because most of them were birthed and produced operates in the very early days of the development of Arabic literary works. Besides a couple of names of modern writers mentioned in the list over.


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