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Choosing not to give food, this Sufi was reprimanded by the Apostle through a desire

Choosing not to give food, this Sufi was reprimanded by the Apostle through a desire

Muslimcreed.com One of the most valuable possessions is those that benefit the proprietor and the bordering community.

In the past, a Sufi was reprimanded by the Carrier of Allah in a desire because he disregarded a boy that asked him for food.

Someday a Sufi called Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri was being in the edge of the room. All of a sudden a boy entered. This boy looked so shoddy. No headgear, no shoes, and loosened hair. His face also looked pale.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri was among the trainees of Sheikh Junaid al-Baghdadi. Sheikh al-Hariri also became a replacement for his instructor. Aside from being a professional in scientific research, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri was also a pious Sufi. 

He had a practice of not eating throughout the day but was never seen breaking his fast. When evening dropped, sometimes he also remained too fast. Additionally, the evening is invested hoping until his back doesn't touch the floor covering to rest not to mention drop off to sleep.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri is known as an individual that is enthusiastic about looking for knowledge. He had resided in various cities to study, consisting of residing in the Capital.

The boy he met after that took an ablution sprinkle and prayed 2 rak'ahs. After that, he simply bowed hisuntil it entered Maghrib time. This boy signed up along with Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri. After hoping, again the boy simply bowed his. 

At night, the Caliph of Baghdad welcomed Sufis and scholars for spiritual talks. Before leaving, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri approached the boy and asked him.

"O boy, will you come with me to fulfill the call of the Caliph?"

"I do not need that." The boy replied. "All I want is food from you."

"The answer isn't what I expected, he desires another thing from me." Shaykh al-Hariri responded to in his heart.

After the brief chat, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri quickly left. He didn't appreciate the boy. He is instantly most likely to attend an occasion organized by the Caliph.

After the occasion, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri returned to the room. He looked at the boy he had formerly met as if he had dropped asleep. Therefore he is also most likely to rest.

In his rest, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri imagined meeting the Carrier of Allah with 2 moms and dads whose faces were bright. Behind him was a team of individuals with bright lights radiating.

He was informed that what he met was the Prophet Muhammad,that was gone along with Prophet Ibrahim AS on the right side and Prophet Musa AS left-wing side. While the team behind the 3 prophets are the various other prophets, totaling 124,000.

Shaykh Muhammad al-Hariri instantly approached the Carrier of Allah and attempted to kiss his hand. But the Carrier of Allah transformed his face away. Up to 3 times, Shaykh Muhammad al-Hariri attempted the same point, but again the Prophet transformed his face away.

Shaykh Muhammad al-Hariri asked the Carrier of Allah, "O Carrier of Allah, what made you transform your face far from me?"

The Carrier of Allah responded to the question of Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri, "You have certainly been miserly when you originated from our team requesting food from you." It ended up that this Sufi was reprimanded by the Apostle through a desire.

Listening to the Prophet's answer, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri woke up in a specify of a heart full of regret and remarkable fear. His body was trembling and shuddering. He transformed his look towards the boy, but sadly, he was no longer seen.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri instantly tipped out. Looking for the boy. When he saw it, the boy asked.

"Boy, for Allah that has produced you, please delay a minute. This is food for you!" said Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri.

The boy grinned at Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri.

"O Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri, that desires an attack of food from you?" said the boy. "How can the prophet with the variety of 124,000 provide assist with a mouthful of food?"

The boy went and disappeared. On the other hand, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hariri was not the only one and deeply been sorry for his activities.

This tale is excerpted from Ali Abdullah. 2018. The Tale of the Knowledge of the Sufis and Salaf Scholars. Yogyakarta: Qudsi Media.


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