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Don't hurt your wife: An afterthought for husbands

Don't hurt your wife: An afterthought for husbands

Muslimcreed.com - As we all know that men are destined to be the head of the family. But that doesn't mean they are freely controlling, yelling, and abusing their wives.

As long as what the wife does is not a sin, then the husband should forgive. After all, there is no perfect wife in this world.

It's not good if you only remember the bad things your wife has done. A wife is a child who is willing to leave her parents' house and is willing to live with her husband.

So it is unlawful for a husband to make his wife cry without rights and hurt her. This has been mentioned in the Quran and Hadith.

When a husband does wrong to his wife, then he has committed a very big sin and his body is no longer forbidden from the fire of hell.

Most people may think that women are the poison of the world. But it should be understood that in Islam itself, women are likened to the jewelry of the world.

Women themselves are very special figures, where they are so strong and strong in living life. But on the other hand, they can also turn out to be vulnerable and fragile.

Because, after all, no one is perfect in this world. Don't just remember the bad side, but also remember the kindness of a wife who has taken care of you, served food on the table, washed your clothes, and educated your children. In the Qur'an, precisely in Surah Al-Nisa verse 19, it describes the law of a husband who hurts his wife.

Husband's Law Hurts Wife

As we have understood so far, the husband is the priest for his family. The husband is mandated by Allah SWT to be a leader for his wife and children.

Even though the husband's position is also the head of the household, that doesn't mean they can be rude to their wives, hurt their wives with harsh words, especially to the point of committing violence.

As taught by the Prophet Muhammad SAW that the husband must always do good to his wife and do not hurt the wife's heart.

Many hadiths as well as the Koran, explain that the position of the wife in Islam is highly respected. A wife should not only be burdened with obligations, but also must get her rights properly.

While the husband is also not just making a living, but also has to treat his wife well and always say good to his wife.

Because harsh words will hurt the wife's heart. This means that the husband has violated his rights which must be fulfilled as described above.

If the wife cannot be advised, then the husband may silence them and separate beds. If it is still not possible, then the husband is allowed to hit his wife, but on the condition that the blow must not cause injury and must not hit the face.

In addition, the husband is also not allowed to hit with sticks and other hard objects. The blow that can be done is by using the hand and not to hurt. But only for lessons.

Compared to men, women are actually the weakest creatures, both physically and mentally. Therefore, husbands should be kind to their wives because women's hearts are easily hurt.

The husband is obliged to treat his wife well unless the wife commits a very heinous act. However, the way to reprimand him should also not hurt his wife's heart or violence that can make him hurt.

Husband's Sins Against Wife

Below are various kinds of sins that husbands often commit to their wives because they neglect their obligations to their wives.

1. Not Teaching Religion to Wives

There are many husbands who are experts in their work, provide a living for their wives, and fulfill various needs of their wives. But how many husbands are willing to teach religious knowledge to their wives and children?

Whereas basically it has become the obligation of all husbands, which is obliged to keep themselves and their families away from the pain of the punishment of the grave and also the fire of hell.

2. Not Jealous of Wife

Being jealous to a normal level can be a sign of love. So if the couple does not feel jealous of his wife, then it is necessary to question their love.

Especially if the wife goes out of the house with other men, but the partner does not feel jealous. It was a big mistake made by the husband.

3. Do not provide for the wife

Today there are many examples of husbands who do not provide for their wives at all. It is a great sin for husbands. Because providing a living for the wife is the main obligation and responsibility for the husband.

Just imagine if a wife who has sacrificed leaving her parents to live with her husband is not appreciated and is not given a living.

4. Hating Wife

The wife is a husband's life partner. With a wife, a husband will wade through a very long journey of life. If the husband hates his wife, then they will most likely face a failure.

Because, the theme of his life no longer gained trust. So it will destroy the relationship itself.

Rasulullah SAW has also warned husbands not to hate their wives. Especially if his wife is a believer.

5. Light Hands to the Wife

Light-handed here means it is easy to hit and hurt the wife. If there is a problem or dispute, the husband often chooses to resolve it with violence. This is very hated by Allah SWT.

Reflections for Husbands Who Are Rude to Wives

Until now, there are husbands who have bad attitudes, such as often yelling at their wives and always showing anger for various reasons, even just because of trivial problems.

In addition, because of the problems that the husband may be facing, often the wife becomes the outlet for his anger. In the end, the husband said unkind words and even treated his wife harshly.

Such a thing is certainly very contrary to what has been conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad.

Islam is a religion that really glorifies a wife as the Prophet Muhammad taught his wives. Therefore, Islam really does not like the attitude of a husband who behaves badly towards his wife.

Things that need to be understood by husbands, if possible, the services that have been carried out by a wife cannot be assessed in terms of material.

However, the burden of a wife such as pregnancy, childbirth, raising children, and also taking care of her husband and all household matters cannot be replaced by anything.

The feelings of women who are very tender and full of love will certainly feel hurt if they are yelled at and get rough treatment from their husbands. Therefore, all husbands must think again if they want to speak loudly to their wives.

The thing that might happen if the husband often yells and acts rudely towards his wife is a heart that feels hurt and it can make the wife change her attitude to become vengeful, full of hatred, and lose her sincere love.

Then change to feelings of hatred for husbands. Therefore, do not occasionally be rude to the wife if you do not want to get it all.

All men who have become husbands should do reflection and think again about all the things that have been done by the wife.

In addition, the husband should also think about the law of hurting his wife in Islam. As a wise husband, you should treat your wife well, hug her and love her and always speak kind and gentle words. So that it will cool the wife's heart.

Those are some explanations about husbands hurting their wives that must be understood and pondered. For whatever reason, violence should not be committed by anyone, especially husband to wife. Because it causes not only physical injury, but also mental.

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