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get to know the Islamic New Year

get to know the Islamic New Year

Muslim creed - As we know, there are several New Year's changes that occur in our society's calendar. But as Muslims, we should know more about the new year in Islam.

History of the Islamic New Year: History of the Hijri Calendar

The Hijri calendar was initiated during the caliphate of Sayyidina Umar Bin Khattab RA. At that time there was a discourse on the need for a standard and uniform calendar for various state and social affairs. Then came various suggestions from friends.

The meeting was attended by prominent figures from among friends. In the deliberations, several proposals emerged to determine when the Islamic new year would start. Among these proposals, there is an opinion that says the Islamic calendar is calculated from the event of Abraha's attack on the Kaaba known as AmulFiil (year of the elephant).

Some suggest that the Islamic calendar is calculated from the revelation of the first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad, at which time he was officially appointed by Allah SWT as a prophet and messenger for all people.

Meanings of the Islamic New Year?

1. Rasulullahemigrated to Medina

From this hijra, Islam began to experience rapid development and spread to Mecca and several surrounding areas. The Prophet Muhammad SAW did the hijrah not without reason, but because he received revelation and also as a form of response to respond to the Arab community who were not too pleased with the teachings of Islam.

With the migration of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Islam also began to experience an increase in showing itself, and becoming an Islamic state [Daula Islamiyah] was formed. Daulah Islamiyah at the time of the Prophet Muhammad highly respected the tolerance enshrined in the Medina Charter.

2. The Struggle Spirit of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

In connection with the migration of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, this also means the spirit of struggle without knowing the word despair and a high sense of optimism. That is the spirit of moving from bad things to things full of goodness. Rasulullah SAW and his companions fought sadness and fear during the hijrah where they had to leave their homeland, relatives, and also their property.

As a form of our love for the Prophet, Ahlul Bait and his companions. Continue to maintain the spirit of our Prophet's struggle, maintain our faith, keep ukhuwah from being scattered by slander, and help others.

There are many things we can do to help others, one of which is paying zakat and giving to charity. As is known, we must pay zakat if our assets have reached the nishab and haul. With zakat and alms, God willing, we can help others, and maintain ukhuwah among fellow Muslims so that they are not scattered by slander.

May Allah SWT continue to keep our hearts clean. So that we can avoid immorality, adultery, shirk, and other bad deeds that are not approved by Allah SWT and May Allah always protect us all.


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