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Islamic Civilization Formed by Ladies Sustaining the Prophet's Da'wah

Islamic Civilization Formed by Ladies Sustaining the Prophet's Da'wah

Muslimcreed.com - Michael H. Hart in his work The 100 lists a hundred numbers that are considered one of the most prominent in the background of human civilization. Incredibly, the name of the Prophet Muhammad is, to begin with, a propagator of Islam and leader of Arabia.

The success of the Prophet Muhammad in spreading out Islam is certainly so amazing. However, it should also be kept in mind that behind the objective of proselytizing to impose Islam, there's huge support from friends, both women, and men.

Some of the female buddies that proactively sustained the da'wah of the Prophet Muhammad consist of:

Khadijah bint Khuwailid

The lady that was most instrumental in the trip of the Prophet Muhammad's da'wah was Khadijah bintKhuwailid container Asad container Qushai al-Qurasyiah al-Asadiyah. She was the first spouse of the Prophet Muhammad, and also the first individual to count on the prophethood of Muhammad.

Khadijah's body had compromised with age when her hubby decided to take sanctuary in Hira Cavern. However, this Khuwailid child was never missing from visiting and bringing arrangements for this guy nicknamed al-Amin.

When the first discovery was exposed, when the Prophet Muhammad was so frenzied, pale, trembling, and scared, Khadijah was the first location of this carrier of Allah. With alacrity, Khadijah could read the circumstance, covered her hubby, and calmed him, also without hesitation instantly revealing belief.

Khadijah was an effective entrepreneur in her time. He was ready to sacrifice his property to protect the da'wah of the Prophet Muhammad. To Khadijah also all the grievances of the Prophet led to.

The number of Khadijah is constantly remembered by Rasulullah SAW, also he said: Allah has not changed for me someone better compared to him (Khadijah). He counted on me when individuals rejected me. He thought of me when individuals existed to me. He assisted me with his riches when individuals kept (his riches) from me. And Allah gave me children which I didn't receive from my various other spouses. (HR. Ahmad)

Fatimah bint Muhammad SAW

As the child of the Prophet Muhammad, Fatimah was constantly beside her dad. Also when her mom passed away, it was Fatima that took treatment of her father's needs, so she was nicknamed Ummabiha (her father's mom).

Fatimah is a take on the lady. Abdullah container Masud once said, "We were with the Carrier of Allah in the mosque when he was hoping. During that time a lamb was slaughtered and the components of its stomach stayed."

Abu Jahal after that asked "Exists anybody that will take the entrails of this lamb and toss it at Muhammad?" Uqbah container Mu'ith increased his hand and approved the challenge.

When the Prophet (SAW) prostrated, Uqbah tossed the innards on the Prophet's back. The Quraish disbelievers laughed noisily, while individuals about the Prophet (PBUH) didn't dare to act.

Abdullah container Mas'ud said, "We hesitated to raise him off the Prophet's back, and I simply stood there looking at him. If I had the stamina, I would certainly have removed the entrails from the Prophet's back."

Prophet Muhammad SAW was still prostrating until finally Fatimah came and raised the dust from her father's back.

Muhammad Ibrahim Salim in an-NisaHaulaar-Rasul specified, in the fight of Uhud, that when the polytheists had gone away, the female buddies, consisting of Fatimah, instantly approached the injured soldiers.

When Fatimah found the Prophet SAW, she instantly hugged her dad and deftly cleaned the injury. But the blood didn't quit streaming, it simply poured out more greatly.

The spouse of Ali container Abi Talib after shed a floor covering - during that time the floor covering was usually made of papyrus fallen leaves, - after that wiped the injury of the Prophet Muhammad with the heated floor covering until the injury shut and the blood quit streaming.

Asmabint Abu Bakr

Asmabint Abu Bakr turned into one of the ladies that added to the trip of Islamic da'wah. When the Quraysh leaders planned to border and eliminate the Prophet Muhammad, Rasulullah SAW and Abu Bakr instantly left the Capital in the evening.

Knowing their target wasn't in his home, the Meccan polytheists instantly most likely to Abu Bakr's house and banged on the door. Asma after that opened up the door.

"Where's your dad?" Ask

"I have no idea where my dad is," replied Asma

Not obtaining an answer from Asma, Abu Jahal instantly put Abu Bakr's child until her jewelry dropped off.

Asma, of course, understood where her dad was going because in the evening, she appeared at her house with food supplies. Down the winding and rough roadway to the Cavern of Tsur, where the Prophet Muhammad and his dad were concealing.

Showing up there, Asma recognized that she forgot to bring a rope to tie the arrangements to the equines of the Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr. So the scarf was torn in 2, one for wrapping food and the various other being used as a belt. Finally, he was nicknamed dzatunithaqain (proprietor of 2 belts).

Asma certainly recognized that her activities could threaten her, but she wasn't scared to protect the da'wah of the Prophet Muhammad.

NusaibahbintKa'ab al-Ansariyah

Another lady that contributed to the trip of the Prophet's da'wah was NusaibahbintKa'ab al-Ansariyah. The lady that is familiarly called Umm Umarah is known as a take on and solid elderly friend.

Nusaibah had taken part in several fights with Muslim soldiers, consisting of the battles of Uhud, Hunain, and Yamamah. Not just accountable for stockpiling food and caring for the injured, but also straight to the battleground.

When the Muslim soldiers were pressed in the Uhud area, Nusaibah remained to damage through versus the opponent. Particularly when Ibn Qamai'ah attempted to eliminate the Prophet SAW, this Ansar lady instantly protected the Prophet SAW with all the stamina she had.

Consequently of the resistance, blood streamed around Nusaibah's body, there were also about 13 injuries on his body that took a year to treat.

Because of Nusaibah's great solution in the Uhud battle, the Prophet after said "NusaibahbintKa'ab's position is better compared to so therefore and so."


AsmabintYazid container as-Sakan al-Asyhaliyyah was an orator and sex activist at the moment of the Prophet. Not just sustaining the equal rights of women and men, this friend from the Ansar is also energetic in supporting the religious beliefs of Allah.

AsmabintYazid had taken part in several battles, specifically Khandaq, Khaibar, and Yarmuk. He wasn't just charged with providing food and caring for the injured, but also participating in facing the opponent.

In SiyarA'lam an-Nubala it's specified that this relative of Mua'adz container Jabal plunged right into the battleground of Yarmuk and managed to eliminate 9 Roman soldiers. Asma's stamina is no question, how not, the Roman soldiers, during that time, were certainly listed as the greatest and greatest warriors on the planet.

Aisyahbint Abu Bakr

One form of da'wah performed by female friends is through knowledge. This is what Aisyahummul believers proactively intensify. As a spouse that received direct teachings from the Prophet Muhammad, Aisyah acquired a lot of knowledge from her hubby.

Aisyah's payment to the Islamic clinical prizes is huge, both in the areas of fiqh, hadith, and analysis. This lady that is known to be smart and critical also ranks 4th from al-muktsirun fi ar-riwayah (individuals that tell one of the most hadith). As many as 2,210 hadith were tape-taped as told by the child of Umm Ruman, as specified in the TaisirMustalah Hadith.

Through Aisyah's scholarship, Islamic da'wah and the words of the Prophet Muhammad can be spread out to Muslims today.


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