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Islamic Story: The Story of a Blind Youth Who Was Delivered by the Devil to the Mosque

Islamic Story: The Story of a Blind Youth Who Was Delivered by the Devil to the Mosque

Muslimcreed.com The following Islamic story is a story about a young man who was blind since birth and one day was escorted by the devil to go to the mosque.

The young man in question was named Abdullah bin Umar bin Shurayh. He was blind from birth and people called him Abdullah bin UmiMaktum.

Even though he was blind, he still diligently studied Islam and even went to the mosque every day to pray in the congregation.

One day, Abdullah came to the Messenger of Allah asking permission not to go to congregational prayers because no one led him to the mosque.

Abdullah said 'O Messenger of Allah, may I ask for a waiver not to join the congregation for the Fajr prayer?'

The Prophet then turned to ask, 'Did you hear the call to prayer?', Abdullah replied, 'Yes'

The Messenger of Allah said if that is the case then there is no reason for you to leave the congregational prayer.

Abdullah was silent, then obeyed the Prophet's orders. He then promised to keep coming to the mosque istiqamah congregational prayers.

After the words of the Prophet, Abdullah then went to the mosque alone. While walking, he tripped over a rock and fell on his face until his head was bleeding.

Abdullah wiped his flowing blood and stood back up to continue his journey. The pain he feels is not a barrier to going to the mosque for congregational prayers.

Suddenly, a young man's voice offered to help. The young man offered to demand Abdullah go to the mosque and even waited for him and then drove him back home.

Abdullah felt grateful and thought Allah had sent a helper for him. The young man not only took Abdullah once but every day.

Every day the young man led Abdullah to the mosque and waited patiently for him to finish the prayer and then led him back to his house.

Abdullah is very happy that there is someone who always guides him sincerely without asking for anything in return.

Strangely, the figure of the young man never gave his name. Abdullah always asked him but the young man always avoided him.

Until one day, Abdullah insisted on knowing the name of the young man. He said he didn't want to be led again if he wasn't told his name.

Because the figure of the young man still wanted to guide Abdullah, he also revealed his identity

"Okay, I'll tell you who I am. I am a devil," said the young man.

Abdullah was surprised and why the devil helped him. He said that the devil's job is not to hinder goodness, but this devil leads him every day to the mosque for congregational prayers.

The devil said, 'Do you remember when you went to the mosque and you tripped over a stone and bled? I heard the angel say that half of your sins have been forgiven because of that. I don't want you to fall again until all your sins are forgiven.

Abdullah was astonished, it turned out that the figure of a young man who was thought to be kind was a devil who was not willing to have all his sins forgiven by Allah.

that is the attitude of the devil who is always unwilling if someone will become an inhabitant of heaven.


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