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Islamic Tale: Prophet Muhammad SAW Splitting the Moon, Evidence of Apostolate to the Mushrikin

Islamic Tale: Prophet Muhammad SAW Splitting the Moon, Evidence of Apostolate to the Mushrikin

Muslimcreed.com The Islamic tale this time around will review the tale of the Prophet Muhammad SAW splitting the moon as evidence of his apostolate to the polytheists.

This tale happened before the Prophet Muhammad transferred to Medina. The Prophet Muhammad informed the polytheists that he had traveled one evening to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

However, the Mushrikin still doesn't count on this. In the evening, the moon shines brilliantly.

The polytheists had an idea to show the apostleship of the Prophet Muhammad. They also concerned him.

During that time the Prophet remained in Mina, which is a desert location that lies 5 kilometers east of the city of Capital.

As mentioned in the hadith told by Bukhari in the guide of Fath Al Assokhabah number 3656, "The Moon was Split during that time we were with the Prophet SallallahuAlaihiWasallam in Mina a polytheist pointed his index finger towards the skies.

"O Muhammad, appearance at the moon. If it holds that you're the carrier of Allah after that make the moon split in 2," said the polytheists.

A team of polytheists also guaranteed to count on Allah and recognized his apostleship if the Prophet Muhammad succeeded in splitting the moon.

Finally, the Prophet Muhammad approved the challenge. He after that prayed in his heart, O Allah, slave, please show my individuals that are still shed in Your power.

Prophet Muhammad pointed his index finger towards the moon and made a motion as if he was splitting it.

Everybody looked up at the skies at the same time the moon was split right into 2 separate components, the range was much in between JabalNur where the Prophet Muhammad first received discovery.

The polytheists were flabbergasted at the sensation of the splitting of the moon. However, the polytheists still think it's magic.

After splitting, Allah again made both halves of the moon that were much aside from each various other and unified.

Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala has granted the petition of the Prophet Muhammad instantly after effectively splitting the moon with Allah's consent.

The Prophet Muhammad asked the polytheists if they counted on what the Prophet did.

Rather than recognizing Muhammad's apostolate, they implicated Muhammad in having fun with witchcraft.

The polytheists that saw the Prophet Muhammad splitting the moon previously left without maintaining their promise to the Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad could not understand his individuals, they still didn't want to recognize his apostleship although the indications of prophethood had been manifested before their eyes.

The polytheists began whispering with their backs to the Prophet Muhammad and left before him.

They are looking for a reason for the magic that the Prophet did. Eventually, they listened to that trading campers were coming to Capital.

The polytheists after that asked them about the split moon. The camper's leaders and several others responded to the same point.

They saw the moon split a specific range after that back with each other. Listening to this, the Mushrikin still could not think what had happened.

When it come to this event, Allah exposed Surah Al-Qamar verses 1 and 2 as a description that Allah proved his power from the split moon event.


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