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May Your Tired Be Lillah This Means, Check Out the Reviews


May Your Tired Be Lillah This Means, Check Out the Reviews

Muslimcreed - Several aphorisms of the combination of Indonesian and Arabic are currently widely scattered on social media. One of them is tired of being lillah. The pearl of wisdom turns out to have a deep meaning when viewed from the point of view of Islamic teachings.

May your tiredness be lillah which means a meaningful prayer saying that you are tired for or because of Allah SWT.

The word lillah means for the sake of or because of Allah SWT. So that your tiredness of being lillah is interpreted as an activity that makes you tired of being done because of Allah SWT.

So hopefully your tiredness becomes lillah, meaning a prayer that is said to someone that all the fatigue he experiences in this life becomes worship, all done because of Allah SWT.

As a Muslim, it is our duty to do everything for the sake of Allah SWT, because no one has the right to be worshiped except Allah, following His words,

Humans in their lives must have their respective activities. From the father who is the head of the family to earn a living for his wife's children. Mothers who stay at home take care of the children and take care of the house. And children who are sent to school so that later they can become what their parents expect. So it is very human if we in carrying out various daily activities ever feel tired or tired. How to turn tired into lillah?

So for those who believe and are pious. Tiredness will not be a big problem for him when tired can be a benefit and a blessing for his life. Moreover, it can be rewarded. However, not all of the feeling of tiredness and fatigue from the activities carried out can be worth the reward. To be rewarded in all our tiredness in daily activities, we can understand the concept and meaning of tired of being lillah.

Tired of being lillah meant here is so that all the tiredness and fatigue that we get from all our daily activities can be worth the reward also recorded as good deeds. Applying this concept in daily activities is an important thing to note. Because of the danger of a person who is too negligent in his activities and gets tired of it until he forgets to remember his Lord, then he will go to hell. That's the sound of the contents of the letter Al-Ghasiyah verses 3 - 4. It's a loss for those who can't turn their tiredness into lillah. The fatigue and exhaustion he received from his activities actually led him to hell, naudzubillah.

How to Turn Tired into Lillah at Work

After understanding the meaning of tired to be lillah. And what a loss for those who cannot apply this in their lives. Surely we don't want to be one of them? To be able to turn tired into lillah so that we are tired we pay for the rewards and benefits of the hereafter. We can understand a few things below.

The first thing we must know is that in our work or activities we must be sincere because of Allah SWT. It's simple, but not many are able to implement it. Don't get tired of us from working just to achieve the world's results. With the intention of wanting to get the pleasure of Allah SWT, our tiredness will be paid for. For example, a father who works, intends in his heart to earn a living for his family because it is an obligation that Allah has placed on him. Don't just work for money.

The second is to work properly with full responsibility. This needs to be considered in relation to hablu minannas or social relations with humans. We work or do activities there must be responsibilities that are imposed on us. Now we must be able to bear it, this is a form of carrying out the mandate given to us. Working properly also means working with activities that are pleasing to Allah. The point here is that the activities we do do not violate the laws that God has set. For example, we work in a place whose income uses usury funds. Of course God will not be pleased.

Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing about His servants, for He is the One who maintains, governs and owns the heavens and the earth and what is between them.

Thus should this be a stand for those who want to know and believe in it without the slightest doubt.

There is no god but Allah, it is He Who gives life to all things according to His will, and who kills whomever He wills, whether past, present or future.

Therefore, it is He who deserves and deserves to be worshiped, not gods who cannot resist disaster and cannot bring benefits like those worshiped by the polytheists.

Keep the spirit of living this life, intend all because of Allah SWT because every tired we experience Allah will surely repay, as the following hadith,

Have faith with strong belief that what Allah wills will definitely happen, what He does not want will certainly not happen, and Allah will not waste the reward of those who do good.

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