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Signs of a dead heart, number 2 often goes unnoticed


Signs of a dead heart, number 2 often goes unnoticed

Muslimcreed - The heart is a place for interaction between humans and God and humans. The heart is a reflection of a person in his outward form.

As the heart if it dies, the process of its life will be far from the grace of Allah SWT. He will also do things that are contrary to religious rules.

As we know, that humans have four inner potentials, namely heart, spirit, soul and mind. Etymologically heart means back and forth.

The heart sometimes feels happy, sometimes difficult, sometimes diligent in worship, but sometimes laziness is rampant and so on, so that in the thread of prayer I pray to be given heart stability.

The heart (qalbu) is a member of the body that must be guarded because Allah does not look at a person's appearance and wealth, but looks at his heart and deeds. If a person's heart is good, then his whole body will be good and if his heart is damaged then his whole body will be damaged. The signs and characteristics of a dead heart need to be known by Muslims. There are seven signs that a person's heart is dead. Of these seven signs, number two is often not realized by some people. May Allah keep us away from this matter.

But speaking of the heart, not only the physical can die, but the heart can also die.

In the perspective of Islam, if the heart dies, it will be very dangerous for social continuity and also the worship of a human being.

There are signs of the characteristics of people whose hearts have died and 10 characteristics of people whose hearts have died.

1. Underestimating Prayer and Dare To Leave It

Signs of people whose hearts are dead often underestimate the affairs of prayer. Even dared to leave him without any regrets. Though prayer is an obligation and the difference between a Muslim and a disbeliever.

People who dare to leave this prayer are very dangerous. This is because prayer is a worship that must be performed by a servant to his Lord.

Prayer is also useful for fortifying someone in heinous and evil deeds.

2. Feel Calm Even If Every Day You Do Sins and Disobedience

People who often commit immorality is one of the characteristics if his heart is dead. There is no feeling of remorse even though you often sin. His heart becomes rusty and hard due to the sins and disobedience he does every day

People who feel innocent will be very dangerous. Because, if he commits a major sin, he considers it as normal.

Moreover, it will be a big sin. He will no longer be worried about Allah's torment and the threat that will result from his actions.

3. Far from the Qur'an

In his daily life, there is no time to touch the Qur'an, read and meditate on its meaning. His days are busy with worldly affairs so he is far from the Qur'an.

If a person is far from the book of the Qur'an, then the lust will control him.

And if many people act like that, then of course there will be a moral disaster in society.

Because the morality of a Muslim is certainly formed on the basis of instructions from the Koran.

4. Lean to World Affairs

They often spend time with worldly affairs. He prioritizes the affairs of the world as if the world is eternal for him.

5. Likes to be prejudiced and finds fault with others

Another characteristic of a dead heart is that it likes to find fault with others. His thoughts are always suuzhon or prejudiced.

Swearing, backbiting, slandering and prejudice are despicable acts. When a person likes to do so he no longer cares about the feelings of his fellow human beings.

These acts are considered a major sin, especially when they are closely related to human values.

6. Reluctant to study religion and don't like advice

The next characteristic of a dead heart is a reluctance to study religion. In his heart did not think to study the science of the Shari'a. He doesn't like to take advice and hates it instead. His heart is hard and arrogant. But religion is advice.

7. Don't want to think about death and the punishment of the grave

Signs of a person whose heart is dead usually do not want to take the blame for the event of death. Even he was not afraid of the punishment of the grave.

8. Continuing to do immorality

Be careful with immoral acts and never underestimate them because the impact is very large in the lives of the perpetrators.

Because immorality can wreak havoc on the perpetrators and can also affect many people.

Never take immoral acts lightly, because the effects are extraordinary for the perpetrators.

The impact of immoral acts is not only loss in this world, but more severe is an accident in the hereafter.

9. It's nice to see people in trouble and suffering

Whether you realize it or not, if jealousy and hatred are holding you back, the thoughts that always arise are expecting people who are considered successful or successful to be harmed.

People who find it difficult to see the happiness of others, have bad intentions in them.

This must be avoided, we should be fellow Muslims or fellow human beings who feel happy when we see other people happy. And it's hard to see other people struggling.

10. Always complaining about the favors of Allah

One of the dead hearts is often feeling that the blessings that Allah has given always feel little. Yet God has given many blessings.

Like health, God's hidden disgrace, and many more. People who like to complain actually he has suffered from liver disease.

11. Do not tremble when it is reported the torment of Hell and there is no fear of death and the hereafter

Death is certain, every human will taste death. This has been confirmed by Allah SWT through the Koran.

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