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The Love Story of Taubah and Laila al-Akhyaliyyah

The Love Story of Taubah and Laila al-Akhyaliyyah

Unsanctioned Love Until Both of them Go back to the lap of the Magnificent

Muslimcreed.com (If Laila had welcomed me, and I had been protected with dirt and rocks. I would certainly have responded to, them as a type and joyful individual who welcomes her).

The Love Tale of Taubah and Laila al-Akhyaliyyah: Unsanctioned Love Until Both of them Go back to the lap of the Magnificent

Laila al-Akhyaliyyah was a women poet in the Umawiyyah era whose rhymes were applauded by well-known great poets such as; Abu Tammam, Abu 'Ala al-Ma'arri, and Abu Nawas. Also, Abu Nawas is said to have memorized the Diwan Laila Al-Akhyaliyyah.

Laila, that is known for her verse, also received a benefit from Muawiyah container Abu Sufyan, because of the verse she sang. In truth, when she met al-Hajjaj container Yusuf that was well-known for being tyrannical, Laila received benefits and praise from him.

Laila al-Akhyaliyyah herself originated from Bani Amir. A people that are widely known as among the people associated with the battle to protect Islam, as well as being known as a people whose individuals are romantic. His expertise in making up and singing verses cannot be separated from his life trip, consisting of his romance with his relative, Taubah. The number of a guy that takes on, virtuous, and proficient at language.

Their love has grown since youth, because of the strength of their meeting. Because, when she was a child, Laila al-Akhyaliyyah invested a great deal of time with her relative, Taubah container al-Hamir. The closeness and regular encounters also expand the seeds of love in between both. The compassion that culminated in crazy continued until both of them mature. Taubah became Laila's idolizer, and Laila became Taubah's idolizer.

To her idolizer guy, Laila often composes various praises and romantic rhymes to him. The other way around. Among Laila's praises to Taubah is;

A boy whose generosity has remained to increase since youth # Until he matures as a desired young people

Again and again, has passed, and the affection between both is obtaining more powerful and more enthusiastic. The love between both of them deepens. Finally, Laila al-Akhyaliyyah's dad didn't authorize the love connection. The tale of prohibited love between both spreads out. Laila's dad, that didn't authorize their connection, finally matched and married Laila to a guy called Abu al-Adzla '.

Although he was married, Laila's dad still gave Taubah a chance to stay in contact until Taubah breathed his last. Their love wasn't predestined to unify on the planet.

IbnulJauzi in DzammulHawa explains that once when al-Hajjaj container Yusuf consulted with Laila, he asked individuals about him, "Are you aware that this lady is?"

They replied, "No by Allah, O Amir al-mu'minin. But we didn't see a lady that was more significant in speech, better in speech, more beautiful in face, and more effective in her verse compared to she was."

Al-Hajjaj after that said, "This is Laila where Taubah al-Khaffaji passed away for loving him."

Al-Hajjaj after that saw Laila and said, "Recite to us some of the verses that Taubah said about you, O Laila."

Laila after that adhered to Al-Hajjaj's request. He also uttered a verse;

Did Laila weep when I passed away before # And the grieving ladies based on my grave?

As if fatality befell Laila # After that I will weep for her, and splits flow from these eyes because of it.

Finally, after some time, Laila and her hubby were passing Taubah's grave, but Laila didn't know that the grave was Taubah's grave.

The hubby after that asked Laila, "O Laila, are you aware whose grave this is?"

"No," replied Laila.

Laila's hubby after that informed and said, "This is Taubah's grave. Say hi to him."

Listening to her husband's words, Laila instantly said, "Go, what do you want from Taubah, his bones are currently broken!"

Laila's hubby after said, "I want to reject it. Had not been he the one that said, "So Laila had welcomed me, and I had been protected with dirt and rocks. I will answer, as a pleasant and joyful individual welcomes him. A resemble from the side of the grave will sound."

The hubby obviously wanted Laila to welcome Taubah. He again said to Laila, "By Allah, you must welcome him."

Laila after that said introductions, "assalamualaikayaTaubahwarahmatullahiwabarakalakafimashirtailaih"

Soon after Laila said introductions at Taubah's grave, and all of a sudden a bird originated from the grave location. The bird went straight to Laila and hit her breast. Not lengthy after, Laila had a problem taking a breath and eventually passed away. He was after that hidden beside Taubah's grave. The individual that likes him and the individual he likes too.

After being hidden for some time, it ended up that a tree expanded from Taubah's grave and a tree also expanded in Laila's grave. Both trees after that expand lengthwise up-wards and satisfy each various other.

Both are certainly not unified in this globe, but 2 trees that expand and satisfy as one, perhaps can be evidence that they still love each various other although their moms and dads don't authorize it. Finally, both of them returned to the lap of the Magnificent. That is how God produces love in people, sometimes it just brings with each other but doesn't unify.


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