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The Tale of the Assertiveness of the Buddies of the Poet Prophet Abdullah container Rawahah


The Tale of the Assertiveness of the Buddies of the Poet Prophet Abdullah container Rawahah

Muslimcreed - As Muslims, we are obliged to take lessons from every occasion and background that has ever existed. Consisting of the tale of a buddy of the Prophet Muhammad SAW that was a poet called Abdullah container Rawahah. Aside from being the prophet's favorite poet, he securely rejects corrupt methods such as bribery. It includes many lessons and instances that we can use in reality.

 The scholars say that knowledge can just be obtained and comprehended by pious individuals.

To take more lessons in Islam, the following is among the tales of the Prophet's Buddies, Abdullah container Rawahah, that we can gain from. From him, we learn how to be firm with ourselves and decline various life wishes that can ensnare him through the tale of the buddies of the prophet to dare to decline bribes.

Learning from the Tale of the Prophet's Buddies, Abdullah container Rawahah

In the tale of the Prophet's Buddies refusing bribes, Abdullah container Rawahah a poet - Zakat. or. id Abdullah container Rawahah is the tale of a buddy of the Prophet Muhammad SAW that has expertise as a poet. This was also very suched as by the Prophet Muhammad because he could enjoy words, significances, and rhymes made by Abdullah.

Additionally, he is very faithful to Islam. He was also among the first 12 individuals that transformed to Islam from the Ansar before the Prophet Muhammad's movement from Capital to Medina.

Someday, the Carrier of Allah, along with his buddies, concerned Abdullah container Rawahah. The Prophet asked, "What do you do if you want to say verse?"

Abdullah replied, "Consider it first, after that I will say it."

In the past, Abdullah container Rawahah skilled grief when a verse was exposed, "And the poets, many of their fans are misdirected individuals." (QS: Ash-Syu'ara: 224).

However, he was again thankful and happy after the discovery of another verse, specifically the extension in QS Ash-Syu'ara: 227.

Besides those (poets) that think, do great deeds, remember Allah a great deal, and look for protection after they have been wronged."

Rasulullah SAW also often motivated Abdullah container Rawahah to be more diligent in the production of rhymes or verses since he transformed to Islam. This ability turned into one of the forms of signs and struggles of Islam at the moment of the Prophet Muhammad.

An Honest and Firm Individual

Abdullah container Rawahah wasn't just able to make up the verse, but he was an extremely honest individual and was known to be firm. Someday, the Prophet once gave him a project to inspect the property of individuals in Khaibar.

The purpose is for tax obligation collection (jizya) for non-Muslim residents that exist. Certainly, the location of Khaibar is where most of the Jews live.

Abdullah container Rawahan also visited the Khaibar area. There he also conducted evaluations and evaluated some of the community's property. Among them is the variety of days that are still holding on the tree.

According to the contract, individuals of Khaibar must pay jizyah for residing in an Islamic area. So, the rules must also be enforced.

While inspecting the variety of days, some of the individuals of Khaibar attempted to give Abdullah an allurement. Some offer jewelry in the hope that Abdullah can decrease the quantity of the estimate or tax obligation that must be sent by them.

Although he was enticed by riches and jewelry, Abdullah container Rawahah also securely declined the bribes offered to him. He instantly highlighted that the prize of bribes or bribes is a type of corruption and his riches are illegal.

"The bribes (risyhwa) that you offer me are haram possessions. We'll not consume it."

This attitude is certainly not an easy point, particularly in this era. It is so easy for us to enjoy transgression and immorality, not to mention consume prohibited prizes.

Commander in Mu'tah Battle

Abdullah container Rawahah's commitment doesn't need to be doubted. He also constantly took part in various fights to protect Islam. Among them was throughout the Mu'tah battle versus the Romans whose soldiers almost reached 200,000 individuals.

During that time, he was standing at the forefront of the Muslim military. At first, Zaid container Harithah as the first warlord passed away. This was complied with by the fatality of the second warlord, Ja'far container Abi Talib.

After both commanders were martyred, Abdullah pin Rawahan changed to lead and became commander in chief. He took the banner of battle from Ja'far container Abi Talib and remained to lead the soldiers. He bravely assaulted the opponent soldiers.

In completion, Abdullah container Rawahah was martyred in the Mu'tah battle. The warlord was changed straight by Khalid container Walid.

Rasulullah SAW was quiet for some time. His eyes were still watery, suggesting something. He said, "3 of them will be increased to my place in paradise."

That belongs to the tale of the Prophet's Buddies from a poet called Abdullah container Rawahah that securely declined bribes. He instructs us that in life there's nothing else objective compared to entering Paradise in the hereafter. For that, he didn't hesitate to be faithful to Islam and firm versus all the tests of the globe that plunged him.

Of course in Islam having plentiful riches isn't restricted at all. Particularly if the property is used to fulfill the responsibilities of zakat, alms, and waqf. However, if the riches are obtained illegally or incorrectly, of course, Allah will be upset.

Hopefully, we can take lessons from the tale of the Prophet's buddies, and friends.


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