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Understanding and self-reflection


Muslimcreed - As we know that no human being is free from sin, it would be nice if we always do self-introspection or in Islam it is called muhasabah.

Muhasabah is one of the recommended actions in Islam. Muhasabah needs to be made as a necessity in humans, because it provides many benefits in life in this world and in the hereafter.

Muhasabah needs to be done to assess and re-examine what we have done, then improve ourselves.

So, what is reflection?

Understanding Muhasabah

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), muhasabah is introspection. A correction of one's own attitude and actions.

Let's Self Reflection Book! Defining muhasabah is introspection or self-correction of all the actions, words, and thoughts we do in everyday life. This book also mentions that if we want to become a better person, then we must always istiqomah in keeping ourselves on the straight path while achieving peace of mind.

According to A Kang Mastur (2018: 88) in his book, Yuk, Muhasabah, he explained that muhasabah is derived from the Arabic word "hasiba-yahsabu-hisab" which etymologically means calculation. Whereas in Islamic terminology, muhasabah is a person's effort to evaluate himself for every good and bad in all aspects of his life.

The Yuk Muhasabah book in it also contains the most appropriate ways you can do to get peace in life and become a true winner. You also gain knowledge about how to jump-start the myriad potentials that you have.

Because actually to be a winner, especially to achieve a peaceful life is not an easy thing. So, this book will tell you how to achieve it.

Muhasabah is usually done at night before we rest, namely by correcting all attitudes, actions, and mistakes throughout the day. This is intended so that the mistake will not be repeated in the future and can become a better person.

How to Do Meditation?

Muhasabah is self-introspection that can be done independently with oneself or together. While at school, surely some of you have experienced doing muhasabah together with friends and teachers.

Usually this muhasabah activity is carried out at school before the exam. There are various purposes, it can be to strengthen our faith in Allah, strengthen our self-confidence to learn, and to apologize to parents.

If you want to do muhasabah yourself, you can try it by calming yourself down by doing ablution first before meditating. Then, you can meditate after the prayer and then speak directly to the Creator through a prayer.

Actually there are many ways to do muhasabah, some of them are as follows.

1. Evaluating about intentions, practices, and sins

The first thing to meditate is to reflect on what we have been through in life. Then, doing an evaluation, do we have the intention to become a better person? Have we done the deeds that Allah commanded? And have we realized how many sins we have committed?

After you know the answer, immediately intend to always be more obedient to Allah SWT and stay away from all His prohibitions.

2. Perform the prayer of repentance

When you regret all the sins you have committed, then as a devout Muslim will immediately repent. One form of practice that you can do is to establish a prayer of repentance.

The procedure for praying repentance is the same as praying in general, but it can consist of two rak'ahs, four, or delicious rak'ahs. Then at the end of the prostration, admit all the sins you have committed and ask Allah for forgiveness.

3. Receive suggestions and input from others

As humans, sometimes we need other people to realize the mistakes we have made. Therefore, having a pious friend is very necessary, because they can remind each other to always reflect and evaluate themselves.

4. Be friendly with pious people

One of the sustenance that Allah gives to his servants is to be surrounded by pious friends. That way, they will always advise each other and remind each other of mistakes that have been made, just so that they can be together in goodness.

5. Alone

One form of introspection and evaluation that is useful is to be alone when doing muhasabah.

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