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Watch out! 7 Things That Cause the Emergence of Obscurity


Watch out! 7 Things That Cause the Emergence of Obscurity

Muslim creed - Obscurity is a bad trait. To avoid it is not easy and can not just do it. Sometimes we don't even realize that this arrogant nature has come to us because it has become a deep-rooted habit.

Therefore, it is important to know what causes and triggers the emergence of self-doubt. Keep in mind, arrogant is a trait in the form of a result of a cause. If we don't know the cause, it will be difficult for us to control the effect.

Imam Al-Ghazali in the book Ihya Ulumiddin, details there are at least 7 things that cause the emergence of arrogant nature in oneself.

1.Tabur because of knowledge.

People can be takabbur because they feel they have knowledge and think other people are more stupid. This is a disease that often strikes the hearts of scholars (people of knowledge). A knowledgeable person who is takabbur means that his heart has been closed so that he cannot judge the truth properly. He is good at matters of religious theory, but is blind to the Shari'a, so he does not realize that arrogance is harmful to himself.

2. Takabur because of worship and good deeds that he does.

Of course it is very good for a servant of Allah who is diligent in worshiping and doing righteous deeds. A Muslim who fills his days with worship and good deeds means that he is on the right path. However, Satan never ceases to tempt and mislead mankind until the end of his life. It is possible that people who are already on the right path are lost. The term is generally lost on the right path. Already on the right path but still lost.

For example, a servant of Allah who diligently worships and does good deeds but his intentions are mixed with Riya' (wanting to get praise from creatures). Obscurity due to this act of worship can be divided into two parts. First, takabbur which is worldly in nature and takabbur which is related to religious paths.

Worldly takabur can occur when people who are experts in worship and do good deeds are happy or very happy when other people say that they are pious people, worship experts, scholars who are good at law, charismatic kyai, famous preachers and a myriad of other compliments. In fact, he really likes it when other people say that he rarely commits immoral acts or sins.

As for arrogance that is related to religion, namely thinking that his deeds of worship have been completely perfect, thinking that he is closer to God than other worshipers.

3. Obscurity because of lineage or lineage.

Someone who has honorable descent, nobles, scholars and so on is more likely to be arrogant than people of ordinary descent.

He is very likely to fall into the attitude of looking down on others. In every association, in every assembly, he likes to tell about his noble, honorable and devoted ancestors.

4. Obscurity because of the wealth he has.

Perhaps, the arrogant because of this wealth is the most visible and often we encounter. Especially in the digital era, people like to show off what they have. Regardless if it's just an image or really rich.

For example, there are people who in every assembly and gather with many people, they always talk about matters that lead to wealth, business, trade which of course ends with the story of their wealth.

People who wallow in wealth are very likely to be dragged into a kind of thirst for praise. He longs for an honor from others because of his wealth. With his wealth, he often feels he can do anything, feels he has worked hard to achieve success. He then underestimates other people whose wealth is not comparable to him, or thinks other people are just lazy so they remain poor.

Apart from that, there is something even more dangerous, namely when the person being tested with a lot of wealth does not hesitate to treat other people (the poor) with an arbitrary attitude. The assumption is that everything can be bought with money. Other people can easily be toyed with with treasure.

5. Obscurity because of the beauty of the face / physique it has.

For those who are humble and given a beautiful face, of course he will often and increase his gratitude to Allah. But for those who have bad morals, it will be arrogant if they feel they have a beautiful and good face.

He feels that he is the most beautiful or handsome, so his actions and style are exaggerated. There is even something worse, namely that facial/physical beauty is not to be used for a good way, but is used in a sinful way, because it makes it easier for him to commit adultery.

The consequences of being arrogant because of the beauty of the face, usually like to curse the shortcomings of others, then do not respect others, mentioning the disgrace and shortcomings of others.

6. Be arrogant because of his power.

Obscurity because of power will result in very dangerous and endanger others. Because this ignorance results in acts of injustice (arbitrarily). Because of the power he has then he does as he pleases.

7. Obscurity because there are more people or groups.

Groups and followers that we only feel in the world. In the hereafter, your loyal followers will be your good deeds that are accepted by Allah. Misguided scholars and leaders who are deceived by their own feelings are often arrogant because they have many followers and supporters.

The congregation and its large group make the assumption as if he has great charisma. All of that will really damage the soul and close the heart, so that it forgets that only Allah is Great.

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