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3 Inspiring Stories of Positivity from Islam


3 Inspiring Stories of Positivity from Islam

Muslimcreed - Can you imagine a place where positivity is discouraged? Where negativity, cynicism, and frowns are the status quo? There are places in the world like that, but it’s our obligation to bring more light into those places through our own happiness and positivity. 

Muslim countries have positive stories of hope that we can all learn from. Here are three inspiring stories of positivity from Islam, including one about how to make peace with our past to set ourselves up for future success.

The Story of Umm Musa

Umm Musa was a woman who lived during the time of the Prophet Muhammad. She was known for her strong faith and for always being positive, even in the face of adversity. One story about her involves her husband, who was very ill. 

Umm Musa nursed him back to health, despite the fact that he was bedridden and could not take care of himself. She did this because she believed that it was her duty to care for her husband, and she knew that Allah would reward her for her patience and perseverance.

Another story about Umm Musa is when she was once robbed while on a journey. Despite losing all of her possessions, she remained positive and thanked Allah for protecting her and keeping her safe.


Umm Musa’s faith has inspired many people to persevere through adversity and remain positive. In fact, many people have changed their name to Umm Musa after hearing her story. These people carry her story with them as a reminder that they can always overcome hardship by putting their trust in Allah.

Because of Umm Musa’s faith and positivity, she has become an example for Muslim women everywhere to remain optimistic, even during difficult times.

The Story of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq

When the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) passed away, the people of Medina were in a state of shock and confusion. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, one of the Prophet's close companions, was at the funeral. He climbed up on top of the pulpit and addressed the people: If you are worshipers of Allah, then follow me.

 If you are idolaters, then go your own way. His words moved the people and they pledged their allegiance to him. Abu Bakr became the first caliph of Islam.

 Abu Bakr al-Siddiq's strength lay in his unflinching devotion to Allah and his Prophet. He was not perfect; Abu Bakr had shortcomings, but he did what he could to uphold Islamic values. His actions were driven by a desire to do good for humanity—that gave him an indomitable sense of purpose. In doing so, he helped ensure that Islam would prosper as a religion and way of life. 

The story of Abu Bakr is one many Muslims can relate to: it shows how anyone can rise above their circumstances and become a force for good. It gives us hope that our efforts will be rewarded in heaven while making us grateful for what we have here on earth.

The Story of The Young Muslim Girl

As a young Muslim girl, I am constantly faced with negativity and Islamophobia. But I refuse to let that get me down. Instead, I try to spread positivity and love everywhere I go. Here are three inspiring stories that remind me that positivity is an act of resistance.

 A few weeks ago, I was in a train on my way to college. When I sat down, I noticed an elderly man looking at me and smiling. He struck up a conversation with me and began asking questions about my day and how my studies were going. This made me very happy as he seemed to be genuinely interested in me. We talked for a while before he left to get off at his stop. 

When he got up to leave, he leaned over and said, I just want you to know that you’re beautiful inside and out! You’re a wonderful girl and it’s so great that there are so many young people like you around today!

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