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5 Stories of Muslim Imams, Hadith Scholars who Like to Travel to Study


5 Stories of Muslim Imams, Hadith Scholars who Like to Travel to Study

Muslimcreed - Imam Muslim, a hadith scholar who is known by Muslims along with his teacher, Imam Bukhari, has his own characteristics in conveying the sunnahs of the Prophet Muhammad in order to be the best human being. Not only a muhadditsin, he is also a trusted hafiz.

Following in the footsteps of Imam Bukhari as a hadith cleric, Imam Muslim has his own characteristics in compiling his work and introducing new methods that have never existed before. Well, here's the story of Imam Muslim who likes to travel to study the science of hadith.

1. Started studying hadith at the age of 12

Born in the city of Nashibur, Iran, in 204 – 206 H, Imam Muslim began studying hadith at the age of 12. Quoting from the book by Muhammad Abu Syuhbah entitled Fi Ribbah Al-Sunnah Al-Kutub Al-Sahih Al Sittah, he has started to travel to study hadith from many teachers scattered in various countries. The areas he visited included Iraq, the Hejaz, and Syria.

Prior to his journey to study hadith, the factor of his beautiful hometown and famous for its education, culture, trade, and architecture of this building, made Imam Muslim grow up with the motivation of the spirit of studying.

2. Having many teachers and students in various regions

His journey to study hadith, of course with the aim of meeting and learning from competent hadith narrators. He had been to the city of Khurasan to study with ShaykhYahya bin Yahya and ShaykhIshaq bin Rahawaih. In Iraq, he received knowledge from Shaykh Muhammad bin Mahran, Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, and Sheikh Abdullah bin Maslamah, and continued with various other cities.

Not only studying, but also teaching to have students who are also great scholars, including Ibrahim bin Abi Talib, Al Husain bin Muhammad, Al-Qubbani, and Ibn Khuzaimah.

3. Not only as a hadith scholar, but also a trusted hafiz

Imam Muslim is also a trusted hafiz figure. Quoted from fi Rihab by Abu Syuhbah, that he often gets praise and recognition from other hadith scholars. For example, Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi narrated from Ahmad bin Salamah that

"I saw that Abu Zuhr'ah and Abu Hatim always prioritized and prioritized Imam Muslim bin al-Hajjaj in the field of knowledge of authentic hadith over their teachers at that time."

In addition to his knowledge of hadith, he is also dubbed as MuhsinNaisabur, namely someone who has a high reputation, but is not ashamed to accept the opinion or truth of others. In fact, he is always smiling, tolerant, friendly, and generous.

4. Has many famous works and is still a reference to this day

Quoted from the book "Study of the Book of Hadith" by ZainulArifin MA, Imam Muslim has produced many works, especially the books of hadith. Among them Jami 'as Sahih or also known as Sahih Muslim, is his work which contains a collection of hadiths with 15 years of collection time.

In addition to studying, he also began to make this work by starting to select thousands of hadiths, the integrity and personality of the hadith narrators who were clearly intellectual, to determining and classifying hadith according to the systematics and themes of hadith on a regular basis. So that Muslims can be helped easily to learn the sunnahs of the Prophet Muhammad.

5. Maintaining chastity is the main motivation of Imam Muslim in compiling the book of hadith

Quoted from al Kitab al Arabi from Muhammad bin Muhammad Abu Zahw, that there are at least two reasons that motivated Imam Muslim in the preparation of his book of hadith. Starting with the time when it was still difficult to find references to a collection of authentic hadith (comprehensive and systematic content of hadith). And also in his time, there were people who always tried to make and spread fake hadiths, and mixed up authentic and invalid hadiths.

In addition to the work of Imam Bukhari, the work of the hadith books of Imam Muslim is also one of the references for Muslims to know the sunnahs conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad. By having its own characteristics in compiling the book, hopefully it can always help us to understand and carry out worship as described in the Qur'an and Hadith.


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