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Important! This is How to Maintain Health and wellness in Islam


Important! This is How to Maintain Health and wellness in Islam

Muslimcreed - Living the days with a healthy and balanced body will certainly feel various when compared with when the body is ill. Particularly with the present Covid-19 pandemic, the subject of health and wellness and how to look after it has been discussed everywhere. After that, how do maintain health and wellness in Islam? Inspect the description in this article.

Healthy and balanced For Worship

Health and wellness in Islam are important points. We need a healthy and balanced body to worship Allah. Both mahdhah worship (which is recommended) and ghairumahdhah (everyday tasks that deserve worship because they include great objectives).

For instance petition and not eating. We need a healthy and balanced body to do this. The same opts for Umrah and Hajj. After that everyday tasks, such as functioning, making a living, assisting others, and so forth require physical health and wellness in its application.

People were produced to worship Allah Ta'ala. Those that think will contend to perform worship to Allah, in purchase to gain enjoyment and reward from Him. Therefore, preserving health and wellness must be done by all believers. With a healthy and balanced body, we can perform our responsibilities as Muslims. Moreover, worship is sunnah.

Preserving Health and wellness By Not Exaggerating Everything

One way to maintain health and wellness in Islam is to not exaggerate it. Allah says, "...Eat and drink and don't exaggerate it. Verily, Allah doesn't such as those that are lavish." (Surat al-A'raf: 52).

On the other hand, health and wellness experts have provided many explanations, many health issues occur because of excessive activity. For instance, overindulging and carelessly will cause weight problems and high blood pressure conditions. In completion, it causes various kinds of illness. After that, a lot of stress over the globe can make us easily stressed and reduce resistance. Eventually, it leads to various health issues.

Two Aspects of Health and wellness in Islam

The scholars discuss 2 aspects of health and wellness in Islam, specifically ash-shihah and al-fiat. Ash-shihah means physical health and wellness which is a person's physical or physical health and wellness. While al-fiat is spiritual health and wellness relates to the problem of one's mind and spirit.

An individual is called 'healthy walafiat' if he has a great health and wellness problem in heart and soul. It cannot be called healthy and balanced, for someone that is literally healthy and balanced but inwardly still has a concern (or remains in a specific of anxiety). On the other hand, an ill body will make a person's tasks disrupted.

Health and wellness Teachings in Islam

To summarize, Islamic teachings support a person's health and wellness, both psychological and psychological health, and wellness. Here are teachings in Islam that can support our health and wellness:

1. Cleaning Practices

Pureness is extremely important in Islam. We are required to perform the obligatory prayers 5 times a day, and the problem for the legitimate petition is filtration. In truth, the Prophet said, that the key to petition is filtration (HR. Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi, Ahmad, and Advertisement Darimi).

The knowledge of filtration is that we are protected from bacteria and germs that cause illness. The body cannot be separated from bacteria, infections, and germs in everyday tasks. The practice of cleaning can minimize the opportunity of bacteria, infections, and germs to lodge in the body, triggering various illnesses.

2. Consume Great Food

Everything that goes into our body will greatly affect our health and wellness. Preserving health and wellness in Islam cannot be separated from the arrangements of the religious beliefs that instruct us to take in just great food. Allah says, "And consume legal and great food from what Allah has offered you, and fear Allah in which you think" (Surah Al Maidah: 88).

Religious beliefs also provide assistance on what foods are enabled (halal) to be consumed and which are restricted (haram). There's a great deal of knowledge in this guideline. Many researchers have proven that halal food in Islam benefits the body to consumption. On the various other hand, restricted foods will have an unfavorable effect on the body.

For instance, consuming animals slaughtered inning accordance with Islamic rules creates high-quality meat, recommendations not to take in fanged pets because their bodies may include many infections from the pets they victim on, and prohibition of consuming alcohol. After all, it has a lot of bad impacts on the body and mind, and so forth.

Additionally, some foods are commonly consumed by the Prophet and he suggests to us. For instance milk, honey, days, olives, and black seed. These foods are food ingredients that are very great for health and wellness when consumed properly.

3. Preserving Psychological Health and wellness With Worship and Tawakal

As mentioned previously, health and wellness in Islam also don't cover psychological or spiritual health and wellness. How religious beliefs instruct to maintain psychological health and wellness is to worship a great deal and attract better to Allah. However, that doesn't imply we can judge those that are being evaluated with psychological health and wellness conditions as individuals that are much less spiritual.

Enhancing worship to Allah will have an excellent effect on one's mind. Feeling shut to the Almighty Rabb will give you a sensation of calm because we have a solid back. This will increase the feeling of tawakkal and surrender to Allah, and approve what happens as the best of Allah's arrangements.


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