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Knowing Ain Diseases We Need To Beware Of And How To Treat It


Knowing Ain Diseases We Need To Beware Of And How To Treat It

MUSLIMCREED - Hearing about other diseases, it seems familiar to the ears of Muslims, because some time ago it also became a public conversation. In contrast to other types of diseases, other diseases are not a type of medical disease whose healing uses certain medications or treatments, because other diseases are liver diseases.

Ain's disease is one of the diseases among various negative supernatural powers that has actually existed since the time of the Prophet and the Apostle. The disease turned out to be very dangerous, even the Prophet Muhammad asked for help from Allah SWT to avoid this disease.

This disease usually occurs in children. In Muslim history, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) advised all his followers to seek protection from Allah SWT from disturbances or diseases that befell the child on the day of his birth. The effects of this disease are very diverse. This disease can make people who are seen immediately become harmed, sick, and even cause death.

Other diseases when viewed from the perspective of Islam, other diseases are difficult to detect medically, because it is said that these diseases arise because of the envious and envious views of other people. So, what is ain disease, then how to prevent it? Check out the full explanation below.

What is Ain's Disease?

We can't deny it, if in life there are things and events that we can't explain with our minds. An example is a disease that cannot be detected medically.

In Islam, Muslims recognize the existence of this disease which is mentioned in a number of hadiths. Another disease is a disease that arises because of an evil view that implies feelings of envy and jealousy or it can even be due to excessive admiration. As a result, this view causes illness and even death in the person being looked at.

Another disease is a term used to describe a misfortune that is spread from one person to another due to feelings of jealousy and envy. In this disease, the eyes that cause people's admiration when they see something will be followed by a negative mental response.

Simply put, Satan takes advantage of envy and envy or even an excessive admiration through one's gaze. He then sends an arrow of hatred to the person he admires excessively or hates so that it causes a disease and even death.

In the book of Tawhid, ain disease is described as a disease or disorder caused by the presence of the eye.

Not only occurs in adults, this disease can also affect anyone, including children. This is usually marked by when parents have taken their children for treatment to various places, but still do not recover, because the illness is not medical.

Characteristics of Ain's Disease

- Having problems with health but cannot be detected medically.

- His face looks lethargic, pale, and also often sweats.

- Turns away when he hears a murotal sound or the sound of the call to prayer/

- Often see scary things.

- Really likes to be alone and likes to do strange things

- Often feel dissatisfied with all the achievements and blessings given by Allah SWT.

- Have no appetite

- Often experience cold sweat and urinate

- have excessive emotions

- Have excessive and unnatural fears

- Chest feels very tight and is accompanied by anxiety

- Frequent yawning and also gasping for air

- Often feel a headache that moves

- Very fast and irregular heartbeat

- Experiencing pain that moves from the lower back to the shoulders

- Likes to feel numb

- Often burps

Ain's Disease Caused by Envy and Envy

In the book of Thibbun Nabawi it is also stated that the cause of this disease is the eyes of people who are envious (hasad) and amazed (amazed) to children.

Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyah rahimahullah said that ain's disease could occur without seeing it directly. He said that the souls of the people who cause this disease can cause other diseases without having to see them (directly).

In fact, sometimes, there are also blind people and then something is described to the blind person and his soul can cause other diseases, even though he does not see it. So, it is inevitable that Allah SWT ordered all His people to take refuge from hasad.

However, hasad is a despicable act, and also belongs to the madzmumah morals. People who feel envious and also envious will want another person's pleasure or hope if the pleasure is removed from the person concerned.

How to Prevent Ain's Disease

In Islam, it has been explained several ways that can be done to prevent other diseases. That is one way to pray for the goodness of fellow human beings and also ask for safety and protection from Allah SWT.

In addition, people with this disease can do ruqyah. Ain's disease can also be cured by getting closer to Allah SWT. By regularly reading the Koran, remembrance and prayer. Some letters in the Al-Quran can also be memorized and read regularly to avoid other diseases. Such as Surah An-Naas, Al-Falaq, Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Baqarah, and Ayat Kursi.

How to Treat Ain's Disease

In the encyclopedia of ruqyah, it is stated that there are three ways to cure other diseases, including the following ways.

1. Take a shower

If there is someone who inflicts ain and it is proven because of that person's view, then a peruqyah orders that person to take a bath and then the water from the bath is poured over the back of the body affected by this disease. The water used must come from inside the vessel.

2. Wudu

Ain treatment taught by the Prophet is ablution. The person who inflicts ain will be asked to perform ablution, then the water from the ablution is poured behind the body of the person affected by this disease.

3. Ruqyah

The method of ruqyah is almost the same as ruqyah against the influence of the jinn, there are only ways and prayers that are specifically about this disease.

That's information about other diseases, hopefully we are all kept away from envy and envy, yes. May we always be surrounded by good people who always keep their eyes from bad things.

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