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Rasulullah Suggests Close to Ulama, Here's the Explanation


Rasulullah Suggests Close to Ulama, Here's the Explanation

Muslimcreed.com - Associating with pious people or scholars will provide many benefits to us as instructed by the Prophet Muhammad.

Association with scholars can be a sign that we are also approaching piety that is blessed by Allah SWT. Moreover, scholars are believed to be the heirs of the prophets.

Moreover, the scholars play an important role as leaders of the people to continue and maintain the symbols and glory of Islam.

Rasulullah SAW advised us to associate with people who understand religion (ulama), and experts of wisdom. Because it is through them that the heart always lives in remembrance of Allah SWT.

Rasulullah SAW also ordered his people to respect and honor the scholars. In fact, one of the three things that the Prophet Muhammad was worried about is that Muslims will neglect and ignore the scholars.

Sheikh Nawawi al-Bantani in his book "Nashaiul Ibad" what is meant by the ulama is divided into three:

First, scholars are people who are experts in understanding the laws of Allah SWT, and they are people who are competent in proving fatwas. The scholars of this category are those who issue a lot of legal fatwas.

Second, the punishment is that people who know the substance of Allah ta'ala associating with them will make their morals become educated, because from their hearts shine the light of knowing Allah and in their souls refract the rays of the majesty of Allah.

Scholars who master the knowledge of the Essence of Allah SWT (the science of makrifat). They are often called hukama, namely scholars who focus on efforts to improve morality, both for themselves and for others. That's because their hearts are always shining by makrifatullah and their souls are enlightened by the majesty of Allah SWT.

Third, the great clerics or clerics of Kubara are people who are given the gift of both some scholars and clerics.

Associating with Ahlu-llah will bring good behavior, because taking good advantage of direct contact is better than verbally. So if someone's supervision is beneficial for you, then his speech is also beneficial (for you). On the other hand, if associating with him is not beneficial for your face, then your speech will not benefit you.

Indeed, association with ahlullah (people who are close to Allah SWT) will form a noble soul condition. In fact, their glances are more useful than their words. So, anyone whose glance alone can provide benefits, then his words must also provide benefits and vice versa.

It is said that Imam Suhrawardi had toured several mosques in the Khaif area in the Mina area and he always looked at the faces of everyone he met.

Then, he was asked about his attitude, and he replied, "Indeed Allah SWT has servants who when they look at someone, they will give him a sense of happiness. And that is what I hope for."

The Prophet (SAW) said that a time will come for my Ummah when they will run away from the scholars and jurists so that Allah will send down three kinds of calamities on them, namely:

1. Allah removes blessings from their sustenance.

2. Allah made unjust rulers for them; and

3. God took them out of this world without bringing faith.

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