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The Beauty of Life in the Color of Islam


The Beauty of Life in the Color of Islam

Muslimcreed - Every human in the world certainly desires a beautiful and enjoyable life. The beautiful and pleasant life they want is certainly not just limited in this globe but also in the hereafter. But it is not constantly so easy to earn all that. Of course it takes initiative and a difficult struggle and is difficult either. Therefore, during the problems that hit people to have the ability to recognize this desire, being a real Muslim is the main as well as one of the most valuable funding.

Muslim (Arabic:مسلم ) literally means "one that submits to Allah", consisting of all animals in the paradises and the planet.

A real Muslim is a totality in surrendering himself, and what he has just to Him and istiqomah in obedience.

Ending up being a Muslim is an option gone along with by an understanding to fully worship Allah SWT. Because Allah produced all animals to worship Him alone.

wamaakholaqtu al-jinnawalinsaillaliya'budun...

"I didn't produce the jinn and mankind other than that they worship Me." (Surat adz-Dzariyat: 56)

Allah SWT has also ordered every Muslim to have the ability to enter Islam kaffah (entirely), not just partly or partly. As Allah SWT. said:


"O you that think, participate in Islam overall, and don't follow the actions of the evil one. Verily, Satan is a genuine opponent to you." (Surat al-Baqarah: 208).

Islam is one of the most perfect religious beliefs that overviews all Muslims based upon the Qur'an and Sunnah.

The beauty of residing in Islam can be seen from the information of Islamic arrangements in every line of life that covers all human life, both human connections with God, people with various other people or human connections with themselves. Islam also controls all aspects varying from education and learning, economic climate and also federal government. As opposed to various other religious beliefs that don't have complete rules. With this completeness, Islam will have the ability to give benefits.

On the various other hand, if a Muslim just complies with the rules of Islam partially that he really feels are beneficial to him, but he doesn't want to follow various other rules that he really feels are not beneficial to him, after that during that time he will not actually feel the beauty of Islam.

So to overcome all the problems of individuals that have happened, God has provided people a service. The service is through a federal government system that uses Islamic rules kaffah, specifically through a basic management for all Muslims throughout the globe to impose Islamic Shari'ah laws and perform Islamic da'wah throughout the globe.

Islam, which exists in a federal government system that executes Islamic rules overall, will guarantee the life of Muslims which is full of elegance and joy. Not just by Muslims, also non-Muslims will also feel the tranquility of dealing with Islamic rules. Because Islam is certainly a grace for all nature, so it doesn't just put on Muslims, but non-Muslims can also feel the remarkable elegance of the Islamic rules that are used. That is when the beauty of life will really be really felt and recognized, specifically when a life is under the auspices of Islam.

So this is the beauty in Islam if Islam is truly used beginning with the rules that control everyday life or also within the range of federal government. So just by implementing Islamic legislation in a kaffah way can all the problems of individuals be dealt with. So do you still doubt the beauty of living under the auspices of Islam overall? Try asking on your own, do you want to remain in life under the auspices of Islam and be honored by Allah SWT?


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