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The Destruction of Aad: Why Allah Chose to annihilate an entire civilization

The Destruction of Aad: Why Allah Chose to annihilate an entire civilization

Muslim Creed - In the sixth chapter of the Qur’an, Allah mentions the destruction of Aad, a nation that lived long before Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was even born. According to most Muslim scholars, this city and its inhabitants existed in what we know today as Iraq and Syria. 

That begs the question: why did Allah choose to destroy an entire civilization? This article takes a look at different reasons behind the destruction of Aad, to answer that very question and provide an insight into how Allah deals with his creation according to the actions and choices they make in life.


The people of Aad were a proud and arrogant civilization that refused to believe in the one true god, Allah. Because of their disbelief, Allah destroyed them and their city. Some may wonder why Allah would choose to annihilate an entire people.

However, when we examine the actions of the people of Aad, it is clear that they deserved the punishment that they received.

To better understand why Allah destroyed such a powerful people, it is important that we learn about their culture and how they lived. As a general rule, the people of Aad were extremely proud and arrogant.

For example, one story tells of a man from Aad named Amr ibn Luhayy who was walking through a marketplace when he spotted some camel riders coming toward him. Although Amr was a wealthy man with many possessions, he refused to get out of their way because he did not want anyone lesser than him to walk in his shadow. 

Because of his lack of humility and arrogance, Amr died instantly when a wall fell on top of him. This shows how proud and arrogant most residents in Ad were due to their great wealth and power over others who had nothing but poverty.

Quranic Verses Describing the annihilation of Aad

And [mention] when We decreed upon Aad that, Enjoy yourselves for a while in your homes. But you will come to know who will have the better home in the end - those who were righteous or those who were defiantly disobedient. And We unleashed against them a torrential rain. And awful was the rain that fell upon them. See how was the end of the defiantly disobedient people. (Qur'an 7:69-84)

This is a reminder [explaining] what was bestowed upon some previous generations as well, but they ignored it and thus We destroyed them for their sins. The example of those who came before them is presented to them so that they may take heed. 

Your Lord does not destroy any community without first giving it a warning and allowing it time to benefit from its good things while sinning. If there were any people with wisdom, they would take heed in such circumstances and be fearful; but My warning will come true, so whoever wishes may remain in safety while continuing in sinfulness, or he may seek guidance at once before he faces Our punishment. This is clearly explained in your book; hence none will dispute it except one who has already exceeded his due bounds.

Islamic Scholars' Views on the Cause of this Devastation

There are many different interpretations among Islamic scholars as to why Allah chose to destroy the people of Aad. Some say that it was because they were very sinful people, while others believe that their destruction was a test from Allah.

Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that the destruction of Aad was a punishment from Allah. It is also a reminder for us that we must always be mindful of our actions and repent for our sins, lest we suffer the same fate.

Hadith about the people of Aḥqab/Aad

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: I have been given five things which were not given to any Prophet before me. I have been given victory over the enemy in a single night (the battle of Badr). The earth has been made a place of worship for me, so wherever a person from my ummah dies, let him perform the prayer there. And I have been given the power of intercession.

Before them, many nations and Messengers had been given victory over their enemies by Allaah. However, when they received it, they did not take advantage of it properly, so Allaah took it away from them. That is why He says (interpretation of the meaning): 

So when they forgot (the warning) with which they had been reminded, We opened for them the gates of every (pleasant) thing till it became a tribulation and a source of sorrow for them [al-Anbiyā’ 21:44]. The people before us were destroyed after receiving blessings. We must never take our blessings for granted or be careless about how we use them.

Perspective from Other Religions/Sciences/Historians

From a historian's perspective, it is clear that the people of Aad were destroyed because they were wicked and sinful people. 

They refused to repent for their crimes, even after being given multiple chances by Allah. Their city was also full of idols and other objects of worship, which further angered Allah. Additionally, the people of Aad were known for their cruelty and violence, which likely led to their destruction.

From a religious perspective, Islam teaches that there is one God - Allah. He is infinitely powerful and perfect, and he sent many prophets throughout history for us to learn from and follow. The last prophet was Muhammad (peace be upon him), who was sent with a message of tolerance and mercy. 

Despite numerous warnings, almost all people choose to ignore these messages, which ultimately lead them towards punishment by God. This story serves as a warning for people today - turn back from your wicked ways while you still can!

Islam's Perspective on Aad's Destruction - Paragraph Three: According to Islam, Allah gave multiple opportunities for repentance before destroying the city.

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