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The meaning of the name of Allah Ar-Rahim, and how to imitate it


The meaning of the name of Allah Ar-Rahim, and how to imitate it

Muslimcreed - Asmaul Husna is a good and beautiful name that belongs to Allah SWT. all of which amount to 99. Among these good names, there is one called Ar-Raheem. Ar-Raheem means the one who has the absolute nature of the Most Merciful. This time we will discuss about Ar-Raheem, the nature of Allah SWT. the most merciful. Here is the argument about Ar-Raheem in Al-Ahzab verse 4.

Many say that the meaning of Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim is almost the same. But there is a slight difference regarding it. If Ar-Rahman (Most Merciful) is covering all living things, both believers and disbelievers, as Allah gave this universe to live. If Ar-Rahim (Most Merciful) covers His servants who believe and do good deeds.

Then, is there a difference in meaning between Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim so that they are distinguished in terms of lafadz, as well as the count in Asmaul Husna which amounts to 99? Scholars 'different in explaining the different names of Allah Ar-Rahman with Ar-Rahim. According to al-Ghazali, Ar-Rahman is the name of God that shows the nature of God's love that is more specific to things that humans cannot do, namely those related to happiness in the afterlife.

God has the nature of the Most Merciful Essence, therefore we must also have that compassionate nature. We must love our fellow humans, or animals, and plants. We also have to love Allah SWT. with faith and devotion to Him. We are created by Allah SWT. it is a gift and His love for us all, so we must believe in Him. 

There are many examples of Ar-Raheem's behavior, such as:

(1). Loving fellow human beings, such as loving family, loving friends, loving neighbors. If any of our brothers and sisters are sick we have to visit them, if there are our brothers who are sad we have to comfort them, and if our brothers make mistakes we have to remind them as a way of showing our love for them.

(2). Loving animals is like feeding animals every day, if our pets are sick we have to take them to the doctor, and if our animals are given a cage we have to take care of the cage until it is clean from dirt.

(3). Love for the environment such as keeping the environment clean, continuing to care for the environment, taking care of the existing trees, picking up trash into the trash can.

(4). Love plants by taking care of them. And many other examples, in addition to this behavior we must also love ourselves, always have a good attitude towards ourselves, behave commendably to ourselves. Because by loving ourselves we will feel happy and free from envy.

While the way to imitate Ar-Rahim according to al-Ghazali is:

First, try your best to eliminate the difficulties of people in need. Second, don't ignore the poor people around and in their area. Trying to improve their economy either with material assistance, with the rank they have, or as a result of the fulfillment of their rights. Third, if you can't do the second point, then provide assistance in the form of prayer and show concern as a form of solidarity until they feel that we also experience the same thing as them.

Through Asmaul Husna in the form of Ar-Rahman, humans are encouraged to love others by providing assistance so that they can find happiness in the world. That is by fulfilling the needs of daily life. Either in the form of providing material assistance, authority, or at least praying and showing concern.

The conclusion from all of this, we become more able to love anyone in this world be it to Allah SWT, fellow humans, animals, plants, the environment, or ourselves. May we all be made easy to imitate the nature of Ar-Raheem. Amen Ya Rabbal Aalamiin.

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