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The Sincerity and Cleverness of the Prophet Muhammad as an Investor

Kepintaran Nabi Muhammad SAW

This is the tale of the sincerity and cleverness of the Prophet Muhammad in trading.

Muslimcreed - There's a saying that says, "9 from 10 doors of nourishment are found in the profession." Background documents, Prophet Muhammad SAW was an effective and well-known investor before he was appointed as the carrier of Allah. In truth, when he was solitary, he had become an individual with relatively large earnings. When he married Khadijah, the dowry was 20 camels.

Certainly, the intro of these 2 individuals occurred on the planet of business. To be precise, during that time young Muhammad was often asked to bring products coming from Siti Khadijah, among the wealthiest conglomerates in the Hijaz during that time.

The general public recognized the young Muhammad as an individual that was honest in all respects. In truth, he was dubbed as Al-Amin, one of the most credible individuals.

He also uses sincerity in business. This worthy personality became the target of the envy of some of the Meccan Quraysh vendors. They were upset with Muhammad.

For them, the profession is a profession. Honest? That is another issue. What is important for them is to gain as a lot of profit as feasible while eliminating rivals in the marketplace.

Someday, they developed a strategy to bankrupt Muhammad. When the Meccan merchant team brought the product to Syria (previously known as Sham), they intentionally dropped the price. In their minds, individuals of Capital would certainly be more searching for inexpensive products.

On the other hand, Muhammad didn't want to do it. Because, he was aware, that the products he brought were products coming from Siti Khadijah. Not his own.

However, he is also proficient at reading the marketplace. He understood that the quantity of demand was a lot greater compared to the provision for that item. Therefore, also if the product of the inexpensive Quraysh vendors was tired, customers would certainly still be looking for these products in the marketplace.

Certainly, when the product whose prices were slammed down, individuals still visited the marketplace. They wound up buying points to Muhammad at normal prices.

When the envy merchant team returned home, Capital was excited. All investors shed. On the other hand, Muhammad was fortunate.


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