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Azazil's tale, from the leader of angels to being cursed by Allah SWT to be an evil one

Azazil's tale, from the leader of angels to being cursed by Allah SWT to be an evil one

MUSLIMCREED.COM - Before Adam was produced, Allah SWT produced angels and jinn. 

Amongst the 3 animals, we understand the name of the evil one.

Quraish Shihab in his book, The Hidden: Jinns, Evil ones, Satan, and Angels in the Qur'an-As Sunnah, explains that the Qur'an has informed that jinn, evil ones, and angels are animals produced by Allah.

In truth, they were produced before people, and the acknowledgment of the presence among them, specifically the angels, is put as a pillar of Islamic belief.

So, the problem exists not in the presence or lack of these forms, but instead in how to deal with their presence in the proper way.

However, how did devils start to exist? Is he an angel or a jinn? Because in their development, both are various. Angels were produced from light, while jinn from termination.

Inning accordance with Imam Ibn Kathir, at first, the evil one was produced as among Allah's most worthy animals. Devil's real name is Al Harith. So-called because the evil one was once the guardian of paradise. While Azazil is the great call of the angel.

Estimating from the guide 'Men That Do not Quit Crying' written by RusdiMathari, the following is a tale about Azazil.

Once an angel saw an inscription plastered on among the wall surfaces of paradise and it was written as Allah's mandate (LauhulMahfud), its components:

"Because of arrogance, a muqorrobin (very shut to Allah) will be cursed."

Reading the writing, the angels all wept. Consists of Izrail, the angel that eliminates all enjoyments. They are very scared and worried if the animals tape-taped as Allah's mandate are themselves.

After that, they all consented to satisfy Azazil. He is the leader or royal prince of the angels that every layer of the skies obtains recognize. Azazil is offering Allah for greater than 120,000 years and his every petition will be responded to.

The angels asked Azazil to hope to Allah to avoid the curse of Allah. He adhered to the request and prayed that the angels would certainly be spared the wrath of God.

After that, someday God collected the angels to be informed about the development of Adam as a human and a leader on the planet. The angels were shocked and protested. Inning accordance with their knowledge, people are one of the most obvious damaging animals.

Reacting to the angel's demonstration, Allah said that just He knows all points and they don't. Listening to this, the angels instantly lowered their goings and begged for mercy. Allah after that ordered them to prostrate to Adam. Together they prostrated other than Azazil.

Azazil felt he was more worthy compared to Adam. He considered Adam being produced from clay various from his development to termination. Allah instantly rebuked Azazil but with a brand-new name, specifically the evil one.

Azazil reacted to Allah's rebuke by saying 'no' to prostrate to Adam. From that on, it was known that Azazil was the being described in the inscriptions on the wall surfaces of paradise.

He approved God's mandate by being removed from paradise and ending up being an evil one.


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